Remember This Is Just A Worst Case Scenario

By: Carolyn Hileman

What started out as a peaceful celebration of the amnesty granted by the US senate today ended in tragedy as the celebrations turned violent, propelled by what they felt was a clear mandate from the senate to take control of their country they began to do just that. What most believed were strollers holding their young children were in fact holding guns of many shapes and sizes and Molotov cocktails. Molotov cocktail, named after Vyacheslav Molotov and also known as the petrol bomb, benzene torch, fire bomb, Molotov grenade or Molotov bomb, is the generic name for a variety of crude incendiary weapons. While they are commonly associated with guerrilla forces and rioters, they are actually more frequently used for basic arson. In slang, they are often referred to as a “homemade frag,” “dragon’s wrath,” “nuts”, or “the poor man’s hand grenade.”

Cars were set on fire as they marched down the street regardless of whether they had an occupant; buildings were torched as they sang we don’t need no stupid vote. Even the little children seemed to partake in the violence as several were seen holding the bottles for their parents as they lit the rags. Schools were forced to close, as violence erupted in each in unison, the unprepared staff and students made their way to closets and other hiding places and called for emergency help but it was slow in coming as they were busy downtown trying to stop the violence there, there are no reports as of yet as to any count of victims or casualties as the reports coming in are sketchy at best. 

Americans just returning home from work have found their routes home blocked by masses of people blocking traffic, holding guns and throwing Molotov cocktails. While police are trying their best to clear the roads so that motorist can get home safely they are vastly undermanned and a call for the National Guard has been given. The bill that the US senate passed had been a contentious one, with people from both sides of the bill protesting and one of the protestors from the anti immigrant group has been quoted today as saying “This is exactly what we have been afraid of, but no one would listen.”

The president has spoken and advised the American people to stay inside their homes and do not provoke these people although he admits they need very little provocation. The number in the streets are to numerous to count but there are flags form every country but America waving in our streets right now. Although the president has called for calm he himself has issued a call for the National Guard troops to take action, that in and of itself could present a massive problem because as of today these people who have taken our country hostage are American citizens and our troops are not allowed to fire on American citizens.

They are debating this bill all this week people and while we cannot assume that any of this will happen, I have to wonder if I am the only one not willing to take that chance. Call   1-866-340-9281 it is a toll-free switchboard and you can talk to anyone you would like and tell them not no but HELL NO. That the American people do not bow down to any country and any senator seen as doing so will be voted out in their next election. Remember this is just a worst case scenario.

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