Rev. Jerry Falwell – The Passing of a Father

By: Rev. Bresciani

The news is full with biographies and eulogies about the passing of Rev. Jerry Falwell. Accompanied by long lists of accomplishments and milestones, the review of his life and legacy is well known. But what is the sum of his life and what was the full nature of his labors?

The eyes and hearts of millions of Americans are drawn once again to the famous State of Virginia. First we lost some of our finest young people in the events at Virginia Tech. Secondly we welcomed Queen Elizabeth of England, a royal visit from our oldest and most trusted ally to Jamestown where our own great country was cradled. At the last we have witnessed the passing of one of America’s greatest evangelist and moralists the Rev Jerry Falwell in Lynchburg Tuesday May 15, 2007.

Rev Falwell will always be known for his founding of the church in Lynchburg that rose from a handful of faithful to a community, an army, a national repository of Christian Soldiers of the Cross, educators and contributors to the American culture and way of life.

From humble beginnings to the founding of the Moral Majority Rev. Falwell has been followed by a contingent of proselytes, newsmen and naysayer’s. His works and his words are now a matter of public record and open to the nation and the world he left behind.

The loss felt by many Americans has been expressed by leaders, friends and foes from the President to those he fiercely opposed. Those closest to him were his family, his colleagues and the flock he gathered in Lynchburg. It is their bereavement that all America holds in the highest regard and if we offer condolences it would be to those in Lynchburg first and foremost.

It must be noted that Rev. Falwell did not become well known for his successes alone. It was the provocation he laid on many Americans that he will be remembered for as well. It was a healthy call to self examination and the pricking of our collective national conscience. Although at times his rebukes were controversial they were always driven by his deepest paternal instincts and in the end were for the good of the country.

It would be no great exaggeration to say that Rev. Falwell was a father figure in America and in the Christian church. It was not the founding of the moral majority but the call to the majority to find the morality needed to turn the country to the way it was meant to go. Using the Bible, the only document Rev. Falwell considered higher than the Constitution he reminded us that we need not be ashamed of terms like, “for God and country.”

He was criticized for drawing a line that some imagined separated people. Imitating his Master who often drew a line but always inviting those for whom it was drawn to step across into the faith and fellowship with God that he knew so very well. He can never truly be faulted for that.

Like the captain of a great ship he studied the charts and referred to the ships compass not to oppress his fellow sailors but to keep them from destroying themselves on the shoals and shallows of a dangerous sea. Those lines are not visible in the ocean but only on the charts which for Rev. Falwell was always the Bible.

He was faithful to the gospel message and presented to our nation the sure anchor of salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ. He endeavored to affect public policy with that gospel and he encouraged others to do the same. No higher honor could be given to Rev. Falwell than that his posterity carries on in that same vision and calling.

We will miss Rev. Jerry Falwell as we might our own father but we must not hinder the joy we know he will feel when he crosses to his Saviors presence and hears the words.

Well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy Lord. Matthew 25:21.

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