Time for him to go

By: Carolyn Hileman

There is a man who has over stepped his bounds with the American people. This man has proven without a doubt that he is for anything that will hurt America and that man is Democratic Majority leader Senator Harry Reid. This is the man who said the war in Iraq was lost in a blatant attempt to demoralize our troops and has lead his majority to pass a bill that is nothing more than a installment plan for our troops. He has no faith in the American people and the American people have no faith in him it is time for him to go.

This man, and I use that term loosely, is so dead set on giving illegal immigrants amnesty that if the Republicans don’t give him what he wants he has vowed to bring up an immigration bill held over from last year, backed by Democrats but opposed by most Republicans. That bill is S.2611 and the American people called them and emailed them last year in an attempt to stop them from trying to push this through. Make no mistake about it; he plans to do Kennedy and McCain’s dirty work for them and when this bill passes not only will the ones that are already here get amnesty this bill allows them to bring all of their relatives. This bill is set to cost the American taxpayer billions of dollars and this man has said we have no choice but to take it.

This man is wrong, we the American people still have a little fight left in us and we don’t back down that easy Mr. Reid. Call 1-866-340-9281. It is a toll-free switchboard, and demand the resignation of Harry Reid. Do not ask; do not beg; tell them you want this mans resignation and you want it today. It is time for this man to go before he sells us out to the highest bidder so again I say call 1-866-340-9281. It is a toll-free switchboard and demand the resignation of Senator Harry Reid. Have your friends call; it will cost you nothing but could save our country and you a few tax dollars. Call today Call 1-866-340-9281 it is a toll-free switchboard. It is time for him to go.

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