The Falwellian View of an Orwellian World

By: Rev. Bresciani

As if to qualify his life and message those who loved and those who doubted Rev. Jerry Falwell often remind us that when it seemed he was extreme at least he apologized. The extreme times that the scripture says are just ahead will accept no apology and will vindicate a thousand Rev. Falwells.

One of America’s sharpest and most skillful writers and raconteurs Ms. Ann Coulter said in an article on The World Net Daily, May 16, 2007 “From the news coverage of Falwell’s death, I began to suspect his first name was “Whether You Agree With Him or Not.” Without reservation Ms. Coulter added that she is one that did agree with him.

I along with millions of others also agree with him. I don’t agree with him because the millions joined with me, or I with them. I believe what he said because I trust his source.

The Bible is far more than a book of dandy moralisms that we can randomly sift through at our leisure. It is history, revelation, presentation (of the Savior) and an outline of things to come. For over 40 years now I have taught that prophecy is merely pre-written history. Its ancient prophecies pre or post exilic were never wrong. That is a promise that prophecies having to do with the modern era will not be wrong either.

Yes, there is no apology required when we say that the Bible says there is an ongoing “judgment of sin.” Apart from the final judgment of every individual at the close of their lives the Bible promises that the harder we sin as a nation or as an entire world civilization the tougher the consequences. No, God does not follow behind each and every one of us so he can cause us to stub our toes each time we say a harsh word. He is not that insignificant.

Perhaps Rev. Falwell did not know for sure if 9/11 or other calamities were a direct result of our nations backsliding. He could have only known that by direct revelation from God, but even with that, would we have believed him? The answer here is “not likely.”

While his specific knowledge of why the events took place may come into question it does not change the promise that more sin produces more judgment even if God likes to retain the specifics to him self.

In the twenty eighth chapter of Deuteronomy fourteen verses of scripture are utilized to pronounce blessings on people who heed God’s directions. Contrarily, fifty four verses cite what will happen if God is ignored. Those calamities or judgments include crop failure, sickness, failure in war, invasions, mental disorders etc. Many of the judgments promised in answer to collective sinning are no more or less than those things Rev. Jerry Falwell said were the result of our own national penchant for sin.

Should we manage to relegate the warnings of Deuteronomy to the ancient past to neutralize them then we must still face similar warnings of future judgments. When asked about the conditions that would prevail just before he was to return to earth Jesus spoke of a faithless generation that would have to endure the worst calamities ever imagined. He spoke of wars, earthquakes, disease, pestilence and a flow of ever changing events that men would find so difficult to assimilate that many would suffer heart failure trying to do so.

The portents Christ described are so far in excess of anything Rev. Falwell ever said that it would seem that his apology was proof only of the Reverend’s benevolence rather than an error in his judgment.

Most of the criticism laid on Rev. Falwell was because of who he blamed for the events of 9/11. With some liberals now willing to say it was the President or the government and with a few Hollywood celebrities offering to help the furtherance of that notion, Rev. Falwell’s assessment doesn’t seem all that extravagant by comparison. No apology was demanded nor offered by the few that have put forth this latest contrivance adding credence to the character and care for people’s feelings that Rev. Falwell was graced with.

There is somewhat of a parallel in the Bible to the destruction of the Twin Towers on 9/11. It too was a tower and it fell on eighteen people in the town of Siloam. When Christ’s disciples asked him about it he gave them an answer that could very well apply to the events of 9/11.

Jesus carefully and skillfully steered their attention away from who caused the collapse of the Tower of Siloam and drove it right back to the questioners. His answer may have seemed a bit harsh but it is nevertheless timeless. Yes, that does mean that it applies to this time as well. Take a look?

Or those eighteen, upon whom the tower in Siloam fell, and slew them, think ye that they were sinners above all men that dwelt in Jerusalem? I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish. Luke 13: 4-5

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