A silent majority no more

By: Carolyn Hileman

Maybe it is because I have been watching the biography channel tonight and inside 9/11. Or perhaps it is because I read about Deputy Frank Fabiano, who was shot in the face by illegal immigrant, Ezeiquiel Lopez. Or perhaps it is because I am personally tired of being a victim; maybe I am sick of finding out after the fact that there are people in my country who wish to kill me and we gave them an open invitation, but as of tonight this part of the silent majority will be silent no more.
No more will I be indifferent to the plans of my government to allow people of unknown character to roam my streets. No more will I put my desire to not be called names above the need to speak out. No more will I quietly hope the leaders I have elected will do the right thing I will call them and email them what I know must be done. No more will I value my TV shows, ball games, or anything else more than my right to a safe place to live.
Tonight I am tired; I am tired of thinking that our government could not be so disgusting as to value the lives of other people from another country over that of the people of the United States. I am tired of gas prices rising to past three dollars a gallon and everything else going up because of it and all my leaders can think to focus on is how the illegal people who stormed our streets are being mistreated because we expect them to enter legally. 
I am tired of our troops being called murderers for doing their jobs and being put on an installment plan, while our leaders every single one of them, are jumping over themselves to hand out benefits to people who are real criminals and planning to do so the minute Bush signs this bill. I am tired of being stabbed in the back and being called names because I said something about it. I am sick and tired of all of their crap and I don’t know about you but I don’t plan to take it anymore.
I have never been as proud of the American people as I was Friday when I heard that we were swamping their phone lines and emails. I was so proud when the Times said we evil conservatives had raised our ugly heads, simply because if we had been paying attention prior to 9/11 2996 people would still be alive today and right now more than ever we MUST be vigilant. So from this day forward I ask you to be a silent majority no more. 
First thing Monday morning hit those phones with me again, send more emails with again and keep doing that until we get our point across, the point of if you are going to be doing business in the halls of congress it had damn well better be American business. They were not elected to ponder the fate of anyone in this country illegally unless it is the fastest route home for them. They are to be working on our business, and we are sick of hearing about how everything affects the poor illegal immigrants. We want to hear how this bill will affect the United States citizens, and tell them we want the truth not some watered down press release about how immigration is the rock of our country. Sleep well tonight my fellow patriots because in the morning we will rise to fight again and we will be a silent majority no more….

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