It is the Sovereignty Stupid!

By: Doug Hagin

The new “comprehensive” immigration reform bill is making quite the splash isn’t it? Is it amnesty? Its detractors certainly seem to think so, while its defenders are aghast that anyone would label it as any form of amnesty. Is it good for the economy, or bad for it? Again, both sides are overwhelmingly convinced it will either help, or harm the economy. Is it tough enough? Is it too tough? Does it properly address the most crucial issue of border security? Are the bills opponents Xenophobes? Are they bigoted against brown-skinned people? Are the bills proponents just looking for cheap labor?

Questions, questions, and questions on top of more questions my friends. What is the most important question about our border, and illegal immigration though? If you ask me, all of those questions are important, but there is one question that far outweighs all of them. Sadly, it is a question far, far too few are addressing. What is this question then? What could matter more than questions of economics, race, or how harshly we punish lawbreakers? To put it bluntly, it is the sovereignty stupid!

American sovereignty, that is, as in, how long will America remain sovereign and truly independent. How strong will Congress and our president be to one of the greatest challenges to our status as the strongest country on God’s green earth? How passionately will the American people defend their beloved land against those who would sacrifice our greatest blessing, our sovereignty? Yes, there are several issues at play here, and some are very important. However, my friends let us make no mistake. The ultimate question is the survival of our nation.

While few have said or written it, the fact is America, the greatest nation in man’s history, cannot be defeated militarily, but we can be broken if we lose the ability and willingness to secure our borders, and our coasts. Ultimately, our survival as a world power is tied directly and irrevocably to our sovereignty. If we ever lose that, then my friends, it is simply a matter of time until we lose our country. That is a price that will surely doom not only America, but humankind as well. Loss of American sovereignty will result, eventually, in the loss of every nation’s self-determination.

Certainly, there are people out there who would delight in the dissolving America’s borders. Those foolish enough to think the United Nations should decide the laws and economic policies across a “world community” would dance on the grave of American sovereignty. These are the folks who tend to fault America for everything bad that happens across the world. After all, America is too big, too prosperous, and too free for their tastes. These people may be moronic enough to believe Marxism can work, but they are wise enough to realize their desired global Socialist utopia can never come to be with America sovereignty in place.

Now, by this point, I would wager there are a few of readers thinking that I am being hyperbolic and sensationalistic. No, frankly, I am just being brutally honest about the stakes in this game. Think of it like this. If you cannot control who enters your property, your home, are you truly independent? Of course, you are not. Imagine if you tired of people trespassing on your land. Suppose you put up a fence. Suppose that upon finding intruders in your home, you installed an alarm system, to prevent further acts of home invasion. What would such actions say about you? Would they make you racist? Alternatively, would these actions instead make you someone dedicated to controlling what is rightfully yours? I think the answer to that is very clear. Free citizens have every right to restrict access to their homes to those they choose to allow to enter. Free nations are certainly no different, no matter what any open border apologist may tell you!

Just as you hold the right over your property, and who may enter it and when they may enter it, a sovereign nation holds the same right. That is not racist, that is not xenophobic, that is not anti-Hispanic or anti-immigrant, that is national sovereignty! Any nation that cedes away it right to make, and enforce laws concerning who may cross its borders is no longer, by definition, a free nation. Such a nation no longer has the ability to determine its course, its future, its laws, its citizenry, or to maintain its place as a viable nation.

Is this what awaits our great land? Is this the course we should take? Should we forget our rights as a nation? Trust me here, friends, our rights as a nation are directly tied to each American’s individual rights. Our constitution will cease to matter, if this nation loses its status as a sovereign land. After all, can a nation unwilling or unable to secure its borders secure its constitution? The answer is no, it cannot.

Our rights, both as a free people and a free country are linked together. Once any are lost, the rest will surely follow. America, the shining city on the hill, the world’s greatest hope for peace, liberty, and prosperity must never lose its independence. Such a loss would be too tragic to even comprehend. Whichever way you personally lean on illegal immigration, understand this. America, without borders, without sovereignty, is not America. It is not free; it is not a land of opportunity or liberty.

So write you representative, tell them how important this time is. This issue is not about doing jobs Americans will not do. It is not about people looking for better lives. It is not about race, or economics or crime. It is about America remaining a sovereign nation. It is, in the end, about America remaining America.

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