Maybe we should remind them

By: Carolyn Hileman

Perhaps you don’t remember, the flames climbing up the buildings, the people who decided to jump rather than burn to death. Perhaps your memory is faulty and you don’t feel the same apprehension you did when a plane flew above us. Perhaps you have forgotten the parade of faces on TV looking for some clue as to where their loved ones where. Perhaps you don’t remember the floodlights at ground zero when the police and firemen were digging to find their friends and family. Perhaps you don’t remember the flowers left in front of fire houses and police stations or the lines of people holding signs saying you are our heroes. Perhaps you were blessed with this memory being totally eradicated from your mind, but most of us have not.

Is it possible that you don’t remember the endless funerals, the candle light vigils, the long blood lines and the children starting lemonade stands to raise money to send to help the families? The nights we spent staring at the TV, waiting for just a few more details, the flags that adorned everything including the gaping hole in the pentagon. The fear, the anger, the helplessness all the emotions thrown at us at one time in one single day, surely you remember. Do you remember the candle that you held, the needle going into your arm to draw the blood, the tears in your eyes when you raised the flag you hadn’t used in years, surely you remember. Do you remember how embarrassed you felt when you couldn’t remember the words to our national anthem, how you searched the internet for the words, do you remember them now?

Do you remember the fear of driving past tall buildings even though it happened thousands of miles away there was still a lump in your throat knowing that someone could just fly a plane into one and it would fall, do you remember staring out your high rise window, worried that your building could be the next target. How about telling your children everything is OK it could never happen here, not even knowing if that was true yourself. Hearing the screams in the night from your children because they had bad dream and they were in your town, when they were afraid to go to school because something else might happen. Wives were afraid for the husbands to go to work and husbands prayed that their wives made it home safely. When we all realized that our family was the most important thing in our lives, when we met our neighbors, look at the sunset, did the things we were waiting to do till later because we weren’t sure there would be a later.

Perhaps we have swept that all to the back of our minds so we could keep going, but in the process we have forgotten to make sure that our leaders knew that under no circumstance what so ever would we forgive another lapse in our defenses again. We have gotten busy living our lives again, paying the bills, going to the kids ball games, washing the clothes and just letting our leaders deal with defense. Besides you can’t fix it yourself isn’t that why we elected those people any way? Well while we were busy trying to get back to normal they have been busy working to allow foreigners’ who have snuck into our country the right to be an American. They are calling those who don’t believe we should have people who broke the law to get here racists; they are talking about how all they want is freedom, to be an American, to live next door to us, to go to the ball games and live the American dream.

While that may be true of some, it was certainly not true of the three illegal immigrants in an alleged plot to attack Fort Dix, N.J, people like senator Menendez believes in his heart that people like that if given the chance to live the American dream they will come forward and report their evil thoughts and plans. He has even been quoted as saying in reference to the plot and immigration reform it would actually help the case for the legislation. “It makes it more compelling. I would rather know who is here in America to pursue the American dream versus who is here to destroy it,” he said, in a conference call with reporters. An immigration reform that requires all current illegal immigrants to register with the government and go through background checks “creates for us greater security than the present system that allows people like those who were thinking to attack Fort Dix to remain in the darkness and pursue their cause,”

Thy’re coming to America, on the boats and on the planes, they’re coming to America, never looking back again they’re coming to America – I could not listen to that song for a long time after 9/11 and today I am not to fond of it either because it reminds me that as I am writing this they are in fact coming to America. Not unlike seventeen young men who came to our soil and stayed here with expired visas, went to the ball games, played with the kids next door even took flight lessons. By all accounts these men were just the average immigrant who was here to live the American dream, their dreams were different they dreamed of destroying our country. They were not illegal on the day they and 2996 American’s died, they were granted amnesty, we forgave them for all their offences and allowed them access to everything we had. Today it seems no one especially in our government remembers what a hand full of illegal immigrants can do in a short amount of time. Maybe we should remind them.

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