Have They Forgotten?

By: Carolyn Hileman

We watched in horror as planes flew into our buildings and our people jumped out, we watched as the facts of this atrocity was unveiled for all to see. We learned a lot, that a lot of people wish we would forget, but we know that we cannot afford to forget. We cannot afford to forget that the men who were on board those planes lived among us using expired visas, we cannot afford to forget that two of them were stopped only hours before for speeding and that ICE was called and that they were allowed to continue on their journey.

We must not forget that these men trained to fly those planes on American soil, that even though the people teaching them thought it odd that they didn’t wish to learn how to land they said nothing, we must not forget what saying nothing has cost us. We were told to be vigilant, but not to profile and when we said that we didn’t want any illegal’s here we were told that it was only the Muslims who were the terrorist and we shouldn’t worry about the rest. So one is to assume that we are to profile but not tell anyone which makes being vigilant a joke.

We may not have lost a loved one on that day, but we cried with those who did. We may not have been in the burning buildings but we could feel the heat sitting in our living rooms. Whether it was just so intense that we felt like we were there or it was the anger welling up inside of us is up to each of us to decide, but I don’t know about you but I am starting to feel the heat again. How dare they tell us that we are fighting a war on terror, when they are leaving our borders wide open and rolling out the red carpet for anyone to come in?

How dare they sit up there in their three piece suits and call us the ones who are ignorant. How dare they run on a platform of the people know what is best for their country then snub their noses at those people. It would appear as though either some of them forgot which party they belong to or never really belonged in the first place. What makes them so great that they can sit up their in their taxpayer paid for offices and call us names because we want our families to be safe?

We may not work in a high-rise, we may not live in a big city, we may not even be remotely close to being a target, but we have a right and a duty to do all we can to protect our countrymen and women from harm. We have a right to be able to sleep at night knowing that our government is not handing the keys to the country to some terrorist as they slither across the border. Coyotes are not picky as to whom or what they bring across our border as long as the price is right. To date not only are they not being actively stopped but we are bring in more trucks.

Even though they say that these trucks will be stopped and checked at the border, since it is so easy to cross one has to wonder what they might pick up once they have safely made it across our border. What type of secret compartments do they have in them and when will they be loaded down with explosives? Just recently there were two trucks that either caught fire on a bridge or exploded and they were only carrying diesel. One managed to melt a bridge, the other did tremendous damage to another freeway both in the same week, one driver died, the other that melted the bridge could not be found to question.

I suppose we have to ask ourselves, was this just a coincidence or a trial run? How safe do you feel knowing that the terrorists now know that a single truck loaded with diesel can melt a bridge? How safe do you feel knowing that we are now allowing trucks from Mexico to go across our bridges and just how confident do you feel that they are only going to be carrying produce?

Just how confident are you that those people we hired to do our Nations business care about the Nation at all? Considering the food recalls of the past year, how confident are you that those people our government are planning on handing out visas to are just poor hard working people looking to better their lives? Do you wonder what would happen if one of those people we allowed to stay was a terrorist? Were we not told after 9/11 that they might attack our food and infrastructure? The big question is has all of this been just a long series of coincidences or is something else going on while we are busy having to fight our own government to secure our borders? And an even bigger question is, have they forgotten?

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