Memorial Day (USA) 2007

By: Guest Authors

By: Carson Cockman

I am tired of hearing people say they support the troops but then say we should run from conflicts.

Just because you profess that we should not be involved, doesn’t not mean you have the right to profess treason.

Just because YOU are cowards, does not mean you should project your own gutlessness upon men and women who have decided otherwise.

Our troops deserve a united country, when they go into battle to defend us. They go to defend every one of us, even the cowards.

It is THEY who deserve the patriotism. It is THEY who deserve all our efforts to fund them. It is THEY who deserve to have a little backbone in the citizenry for which they fight.

Some of you feel that because you believe Bush lied, we are all terrorists for invading Iraq and we are just big bullies on the world stage that you have the right to undermine our leaders. You are not supporting anyone or anything except your own selfish ends.

Your means will never justify those ends.

Whether you agree with the premise that there is great and gathering evil in this world that will require all of us great sacrifices in the very near future or not, THESE soldiers are heroically doing what their predecessors have done in ages past.

They are defending what is our way of life. I suggest that if you do not wish our way of life to continue, you should move.

I suggest to Iran.

See how long you last there, buckos.

I am tired of the whining in the name of freedom of speech. I am tired of the cowardice in the name of peace.

Whining never secured free speech and cowardice never held an inch of ground in the establishment of peace.

The heroic blood of our troops and the COURAGE and DETERMINATION of our population has.

Get your hands off the video games and face reality.

Stop taking the little happy pills the “doctor” gives you and face the future of this country and the world like the brave generation of our history.

Find the intestinal fortitude, perseverance and will to sacrifice that our fathers and grandfathers had. It is still there. It is genetic.

Stop acting like YOU are the only one who knows the answer and that that answer involves cutting and running.

Some of us…A lot of us want us to survive. That CAN’T happen in a United Arab Republic of America.

If the media lies to you, for God’s sake and your own, quit listening to them. They obviously have an agenda. It is not for you. It is against you.

If one political party or both do not represent your will, vote for someone else.

If your will involves leaving this difficult war and our troops out there hanging in the wind. I suggest you leave this country. You are not really an American. That’s right. You are not.

You stopped saying the pledge of allegiance a long time ago.

If you do say it; you don’t mean it.

Some of us are tired enough of your actions to tell you.

Quit being a coward!

Our troops deserve better.

Mr. Cockman is a citizen of the United States of America whose ideals are
very evident

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