Today We Rise and Fight

By: Carolyn Hileman

Today is a brand new day. Today is one more day that we have to let our leaders know under no circumstance will we accept this bill or S.2611, the precursor to this bill. We will not be good democrats or republicans and sit down and shut up. We don’t care if they call us racists. We have been called that so much it really has lost its sting and they can call us what ever they want. We know who we are American citizens and we have come to take our government back. The American people have found their voices and we are screaming loud and clear NO AMNESTY. What they call not practical we call a small problem that real Americans can solve, simply because real Americans do not know the word impossible.

Think back to Hurricane Rita and Katrina. How many people did we move from cities bound for destruction? If we can do that then we can damn sure take a few lost illegal immigrants home. America was built on a can do attitude. As a matter of fact the name American says it all Amer I Can.

Now I know it feels like all is lost and that they are going to pass this bill with or without our input. And let me tell you that is just how they want you to feel right now, but we are Americans we don’t walk away from any fight and we will stop this madness. Yes you and I will call them, we will email them and we will do it over and over again till they cannot stand to pick up that phone or read another email because we are the people they need to hear from. We are the Americans call these numbers: 202-863-8500 Republican National Committee phone number. Press 1 — a real live person answers the phone.
1-866-340-9281 it is toll free it will not cost you a penny.

You will not believe the sense of power calling those numbers will bring and you will no longer be able to just shut up and sit down anymore.

We are not being difficult, we are not being bad little people by voicing our complaints. We are being responsible patriots when we rise to the call to protect our nation. They can tell us over and over again how this is really good for us and the people will never believe them. Because we know that it is never good for us to allow people who break in to live in your home and take over. For those of you who say that is different, then America must not be your home and you might want to get back to your home because when we run them out of our home they will be looking for a place to go. America is our home, it is where every Americans heart is even when they are far from its reaches, it is home to the soldier who bravely walks the desert sand or wades the swamps in the jungle and it is the one thing that keeps them going, knowing that one day they will touch the American soil and they will be home.

Well we have some people who have come into our home uninvited and they want to stay. They want to redecorate and they want to turn the station on the radio to a tune they can sing. They want to change your language and they want to run your business. Today we as the true owners of our home we will rise to kick them out of our home and if need be we will continue to rise to this occasion until the day we die because it will be then and only then that we will turn our back on our home. We are not being asked to put on a uniform, we are not being asked to go through months of intense training, they are not giving us any weapons, but we can wage a war with True American spirit and we can and will win. We have never walked away from a fight and we are not about to start today. We will fight them with our keyboards, with our telephones and some of us will be out in our streets and when the American people stand up and start yelling it is a site to behold. Today is a day like no other, today ordinary Americans take the reigns from those who would do our country harm either by ignorance or evil. Today we stand firm. Today we make the voices of the American people so loud they hear them in all the countries. Today we rise and fight…

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