Self-Fulfilling Prophecy and Just Sheer Propaganda

By: Carolyn Hileman

Whatever one thinks about the most, they bring to them. That is what a lot of the self-help people claim however I think about money a lot and it hasn’t come yet. Seriously though it does work in most cases, take for instance the study done with three basketball teams. One team was allowed to practice and to visualize their practice as well, one team was only allowed to practice, the last was allowed to only visualize practicing. The results staggering beyond belief, naturally the team that was allowed both to practice and to visualize was the best but both of the other teams did equally as well.

Whether you are aware or not there has been a systematic effort to use this type of thing on the unwitting public. All along they have been fulfilling their prophecy and we have been willing dupes. I am not sure if you noticed till last year when the illegal immigrants took to the streets, but there have been a number of Hispanics added to the TV shows we watch. That is to condition you to seeing them, not only as viable workers but often in places of high ranking such as the FBI, the police departments, the hospitals and the schools. If we are used to seeing them on TV in those occupations then it is not near a big a shock when we see them in public in those rolls.

This is nothing new. It was done with the gays and anyone else Hollywood favored. Making a statement without ever saying a word, genius if you think about it, to be able to condition your viewers to believe something is OK long before they are ever faced with it. I must say it works better than Law and Order’s blatant attempts to undermine our troops and the war on terror.

It is subtle, non-evasive and it is propaganda. The democrats have been using this for years. When ever a republican is in office they tell us over and over again how bad the economy is, so much so that we start believing it in our subconscious, and when we have a slow week at work, we start remembering what we heard and at that point it becomes fact in our minds.

The major media is no saint when it comes to this propaganda. It delves into it very regularly. It told us we were sick of the war and that Iraq was in the midst of a civil war so much that we knew it was not true and felt the need to defend the war. We felt the need to say I support the war, and try and debunk any idea of a civil war in Iraq. Now Harry Reid and his minions are at it again, this time it is the amnesty bill, there are polls out there telling us that the majority of Americans support this crap. You and I know that is simply not true but they will repeat it to the public so many times that they will start to believe it and we will feel the need to debate it. That is simply how it works.

You do not think of propaganda as a tool used in the great US of A, and that is precisely why it works. You believe that when you watch the news on a major network it is the facts and only the facts. You believe that when your senator is talking he is talking about your future. We would never have such a thing as propaganda in America, or would we?

There is a saying that you cannot unring that bell, well that is true. Just ask the president about when CBS aired a story based entirely on lies, and even though it was proven as false the damage had already been done because you cannot unring that bell. Once something has been panted in your brain you do not necessarily go about checking the facts since that is what CBS was supposed to do. And you don’t always watch the same news cast so you may not have heard that it was a total falsehood so you go on believing the lie. You cannot unring that bell.

Right now the goal is to get the unsuspecting public to believe that not only is this bill good for us but we want it; hell it is our idea. They will work on us day and night if they have to so that we will say OK you can pass this one but it had better be the last. They will tell us how peaceful and family oriented the illegals are. They will tell us how much they contribute to our society. They will forget to mention things like 25 people a day are killed in one way or another by the illegal immigrants. They won’t show the pictures of the Mexican flag hanging above the American flag turned upside down. They won’t tell you about the rally in California where they took down the American flag and stomped on it and then raised their flag.

They wouldn’t dare mention AZLAN, the group who teaches their people that they are the rightful owners of this country, and that we are in fact the ones here illegally. They will never show the pictures of them holding a Mexican flag and flipping us off,. They will instead show us the poor working mother who saves all her money so she can bring her child over and the worker in the fields that cannot afford to send his kids to a doctor. It is propaganda pure and simple and by the time they are finished telling us that the average American wants them to have a path to citizenship and those who do not are nothing but racist, you will be feeling like you are the only racist bigot in America and you should change your ways.

The combination of TV shows showing us that they should be accepted in the work place and everywhere else and the constant barrage of the average American thinks they should be citizens will lull us into believing that they are all right and we are all wrong. But don’t you believe them because you are not the only one who believes they should be deported. You are not the only one who gets angry when you pass a run down neighborhood that once was a thing of beauty. No don’t you fall prey to their self-fulfilling prophecy and just sheer propaganda.

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