More Likely to Cause Demise of U.S.: Amnesty or Terrorist Attack?

By: John Lillpop

George W. Bush’s intractable and wholly unholy obsession with the Mexicanization of the United States has bewildered, confounded, and infuriated conservatives and other patriotic Americans from all ideological backgrounds.

In particular, conservatives found the president’s most recent verbal assault particularly galling because Bush resorted to blasphemy when he accused those who oppose amnesty of not wanting to “do what is best for America.”

Has this president gone barking mad? Or has he gone madder, to be more precise?

When and how did America deteriorate to the point where a Republican president lashes out against GOP colleagues for insisting on rule of law?

Since when has it been un-American to demand secure borders, enforcement of existing laws, and punishment rather than rewards for those who have deliberately invaded our nation and plundered taxpayer funded services like common criminals?

How is it that a strong commitment to preserving American culture and language makes one a racist or a bigot?

As strange as it seems, it almost appears as though the president has decided that amnesty is needed as a weapon in the war on terror here at home.

Consider please: Bush seems bound and determined to execute a preemptive strike against America, via amnesty, in order to destroy the nation before Al-Quaeda can attack.

Perhaps the president has access to very classified CIA intelligence indicating that Osama bin Laden would lose interest in destroying America if our great nation were to descend into a third-world abyss like Mexico?

Think about it. Why would Osama waste a suitcase full of perfectly fine dirty bombs to blow up Los Angeles when five million illegal aliens from Mexico have already invaded LA, elected a Mexican national as mayor, and made that once proud city a sanctuary for corrupt, third world gangsters, and essentially uninhabitable?

Extending that warped logic to homeland security all across America, the president might be justified in concluding that legalizing 30 million additional third world aliens might be just what the nation needs to combat terrorism here at home.

Even so, administering the amnesty monster is sure to be hopelessly overwhelming.

Especially for an administration that entrusted an Arabian horse executive with fighting Category Five hurricanes, tried to sell port security management to a nation with known ties to terrorists, and fought a gallant but unsuccessful battle to seat a lottery queen on the U.S. Supreme Court.

If, and when, the amnesty travesty is signed into law, the Bush administration, with those dubious distinctions to its credit, will have the following items to contend with:

* Hire and train 18,000 new border patrol agents. Dubya’s record in this area is painfully awful, primarily because he refused to fill the border positions authorized by congress several years ago.

* Monitor the to and from movements of millions of heads of household aliens who would be required to return to their home country in order to qualify for citizenship consideration;

* Process background checks for millions of aliens, including follow up actions (deportation?) required for those found to have disqualifying criminal histories;

* Track the progress of millions of aliens in acquiring English skills required for those aspiring to citizenship;

* Collect fees and fines to be paid by illegal aliens;

* Track down and deport hundreds of thousands (millions?) of aliens who have criminal records and who are most unlikely to apply for amnesty, and

* Monitor hundreds of thousands of aliens who must leave America after two years as guest workers and who must remain in Mexico for a full year before applying for another work permit. Track the number of times this nonsense is authorized to assure compliance with amnesty law.

In addition, as I understand the proposed bill, legalization would be available only to those in America as of January 1, 2007.

However, because everyone expects that the invasion of America will continue unabated and may, in fact, escalate as a result of amnesty, the federal government will need to have the capability for tracking and dealing with invaders arriving after January 1.

The bottom line: “Comprehensive reform” is neither reform, nor comprehensive. It is a ruse, a cruel and awful joke, and completely unenforceable.

Dubya and the Democrats are obviously counting on all the tough language in the proposal to fool concerned politicians and other Americans into believing that the administration is about to get serious about securing the borders and enforcing the laws.

In truth, Bush and his Destroy America Team have no interest whatsoever in preventing, or even limiting, the invasion of America.

To borrow a phrase from the immortal Yogi Berra, the current amnesty bill is “De Ja Vu, All Over again!”

Indeed, if the amnesty travesty of 2007 ever becomes law, our nation will have deliberately repeated the tragic mistake of 1986. You might even say that America’s greatness and security were sacrificed for cheap fruit.

Hispanically speaking, that is.

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