Where is Jack Baur When You Need Him?

By: Carolyn Hileman

We have Bin Laden promising more trauma than 9/11, the Russians are now threatening us, our leaders have lost their minds and are planning to allow even more foreigners on our soil and this time legally and he is on summer vacation. The Chinese either by just being plain filthy or by design have poisoned our pets, there has been numerous recalls on food for human consumption, restaurants that have had to be closed because their customers were getting sick and still Jack has not come to save the day.

I have to wonder where he was when two trucks in one week caught on fire on major bridges and did a ton of damage and are still considered an accident. The FBI has issued a warning that foreign nationals are buying up school busses and getting jobs driving them, but they don’t think they plan do anything. It just seems a little weird. Give me a break people; they did not think that guys learning to fly an airplane but not land one were anything to worry about either. Then we have this guy who flew to all over the place with TB, not just any TB, the highly contagious kind, proof that they can transmit diseases through our airways and not only will they not be charged but you will feel a little sorry for him since he had to slip across the border to get in.

Maybe I am just highly suspicious, maybe none of this stuff happening has anything to do with the other. Maybe the weaknesses in our security I just described has escaped the terrorists’ attention; maybe. I found it interesting to say the least that Bin Laden’s guy mentioned the Virginia Tech shooting, because I would be remiss if I didn’t say that it has been bothering me for a while that the last two mass shooting we had were by immigrants. Are they just merely taunting us with that part or is there really something else going on here? I seem to recall that shortly after 9/11 we were made privy to the information that there were in fact several terror cells inside the USA, all over the country, in our back yards.

Just a guess on my part but I really don’t think they packed up and left. That would mean that those cells would be part of the grand bargain, wouldn’t it? If you think about it, it really seems kind of funny in a TV movie sort of way. We are set to grant amnesty to terrorists living in our country before they kill Americans. Am I loosing it or is this really possible? Is it possible that those we trusted to see us through this nightmare may be the very ones to hold the gun this time? Will we find out after the next attack that there were warning signs that we just didn’t notice, that we failed once again to connect the dots? We were told that they could attack our food supply, looks like someone has started that already. We were told they could attack our infrastructure, do you remember the long lines on the bridges when they would stop trucks and look under them for bombs. Shame no one mentioned all it would take is a truck filled with diesel to melt a bridge.

Wake up people this is not just a badly acted version of 24. This is real and this is getting a little scary. Jack is not behind a curtain waiting to come save the day. He is not going to single handedly stop this bill from going trough. It would be nice if he could, it would be nice if someone could, but they can’t. It takes all of us to stop them.

Even when it feels like they are not listening we must continue to call them and tell them no. We must demand that they protect America as they promised. Anything less is not enough. It is time they took the focus off of what is good for the illegal immigrants and put it back on what is good for America and her people. I know it seems impossible, it feels like they don’t care, you think you are only one person and it hurts like hell to go against people you thought you could trust and we should have never been placed in this position to begin with. But we have and I am counting on you to scream as loud as I am to get this stopped.

Damn where is Jack Baur when you need him?

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