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June 2, 2007

America’s Dubya Dilemma: Denial or Dementia?

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George W. Bush’s intractable and wholly unholy obsession with the Mexicanization of the United States has bewildered, confounded, and infuriated conservatives as well as other patriotic Americans from all ideological backgrounds. In particular, conservatives found the president’s most recent …

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Immigration: The Republican’s Trap

Filed under: Immigration - 02 Jun 2007

Whatever your position is on border security, or immigration (whatever your focus may be) you have to ask yourself why. Why did the McCain-Kennedy Compromise come about? Why did the McCain-Kennedy Compromise get through a Democrat controlled Senate? Why, is …

Damn American Culture, It’s All About The ‘Latino’ Vote

Michael Gerson of the Council on Foreign Relations, and the one time “conscience of the White House”, presents the perfect it’s-all-about-winning stance that some Republicans of the Karl Rove wing of the GOP adheres to in this current amnesty for …

Leprosy, Hepatitis and Teberculosis Rising Fast In United States

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In the past 40 years, the United States registered a total of 900 cases of the feared Biblical disease–leprosy. Virtually unknown to Americans in the last century, leprosy exceeded 7,000 new cases brought in on the backs of newcomers …

Fight On My Fellow Patriots

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It is past midnight and once again I am up mainly because the pain in my knees will not allow me to sleep, but also to report on the daily happenings in our world. My first thought tonight is that …

Reid The Reaper: Dems Plan Iraq Awakening’s Wake

President Bush has repeatedly said that as the Iraqis stand up, we will stand down. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid seems to have taken him too literally.

On April 19th, representatives of 50 Iraqi Sunni tribes announced the formation of a …