Fight On My Fellow Patriots

By: Carolyn Hileman

It is past midnight and once again I am up mainly because the pain in my knees will not allow me to sleep, but also to report on the daily happenings in our world. My first thought tonight is that the American people are doing a wonderful job of letting our leaders know what we think of their amnesty bill. You see I could write on this subject night and day, the talk show hosts could yell and scream about it but when you come right down to it, it is you who are picking up the phones and telling them we don’t want this and I just want to take this time to tell you how proud I am of the American people. I am utterly disgusted with just about all of our leaders, but the people,oh my God, when you get motivated you scare our leaders half to death and I am loving every single minute of it.

The President talks about courage when what they are doing does not require courage. It does not require courage to sell out your countrymen. It takes courage to pick up that phone and tell these people no and expect they will listen. I suspect that our president has been shielded at the White house too long and has not had a good look around the US in a while or he would know that there are American citizens who are out of work and need those jobs he is trying to give away. There are neighborhoods that need to be rid of people who refuse to keep up their property, park dozens of cars in their and others parking spots and driveways.

Some one needs to tell the man that the American people are giving him and the Republican Party a second chance that they do not deserve to stand with the American people; that by saying all we are doing is fostering fear seems a little to close to what he says about the democrats and the Iraq war and we do not appreciate it. That if he continues down this road we will start to wonder if what he said about them is true. He needs to know that he is on the brink of loosing the rest of his people right now and when he does that, he will have lost us for good.

I know you are sick and tired of everything being about the amnesty bill. I know you think how many calls can I possibly make, are they even listening to me? Your fingers are probably numb from typing emails and punching buttons on your phone. I know it is that way with me, but as long as this bill is up for debate in Senate or Congress we cannot afford to let up. We must pound them with emails, we must inundate them with phone calls and it would not hurt if a few of us showed up at their little rallies and campaign stops, start to demand to know why they support amnesty.

I am tired now and the sleeping pills are starting to work so I will end this here, but I really want you to know that I am so very proud of each and every one of you. You are truly the American spirit and embody the never die attitude. You should be very proud of yourselves you have taken the first step to making sure this is a government for the people and by the people; fight on my fellow patriots….

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