Immigration: The Republican’s Trap

By: Lee Kent Hempfling

Whatever your position is on border security, or immigration (whatever your focus may be) you have to ask yourself why. Why did the McCain-Kennedy Compromise come about? Why did the McCain-Kennedy Compromise get through a Democrat controlled Senate? Why, is the left fairly quiet about it all? Why is the right up in arms and trying to commit political suicide? Enough whys?

In politics, which is all this is about, (or any negotiation for that matter) the question ‘why’, lends itself to identifying motivation, and that leads to identifying the price for that motivation. From that comes compromise, if both sides get what they want, or at least close enough to what they want to get anything done at all.

The question ‘why’ in regards to border security and immigration rests purely in politics. Let’s make that simple:

If there is no immigration bill at all, who benefits, politically? The Democrats. Their position defaults to the condition the country currently lives under. No bill, no enforcement, no fence, no national security, no war on terror; just nirvana for all to embrace. Democrat bliss. But if there is a bill Republicans gain, even if the bill is in its present form. Its that simple.

Another thing that is that simple is the political reality of the landscape of Washington. Democrats are counting on Republicans to react to the McCain-Kennedy Compromise just as Republicans have. Conservative talk radio has followed orders very well. Our local Phoenix morning talk super-star, Bruce Jacobs nearly pops veins every time he talks about the topic. J.D. Hayworth, former congressman, is now the afternoon talk talent on 550 KFYI and seems to sound more like the echo of Jacobs, but far more eloquently presented (sorry Bruce). Limbaugh, Savage, Hannity and the others are accused of having taken off on ridiculing the McCain-Kennedy Compromise, but I have not heard the vitriol pundits are barking about.

The Republican National Committee fired its entire call out staff, with some commenting they were getting flack (or is that flak) from most normal contributors over the immigration issue. Sure they were. And Democrats love the country more than they love their own power. The Senate Judiciary Committee should investigate that scandal. Karl Rove had to have his hand on that one. After all, stopping call outs from the antiquated equipment of the technologically inept Republican party serves to stifle the opinion of people. Isn’t that like poll-disenfranchisement or something?

The reality of politics is also simple: If this McCain-Kennedy Compromise does not succeed in Congress, the Democrats get what they want. They want nothing to happen with immigration, but more importantly, they want the Republican party to splinter over the issue, so much that it causes no cohesion in 2008 and the country will descend into socialism. Just ask Hillary about her new definition of the common good and individual rights. It doesn’t matter to her that the Constitution guarantees rights to individuals, she believes it should guarantee rights of the people. Collectively. Socially. Socialism (See my previous piece, Equinox: A Portrait of a Communist.)

Can you imagine, (if you are Republican, if you are Democrat you may not be aware of it but it will make you happy) just for one moment, if the reality of Washington creeps into the immigration issue again, without the Democrats having an upper political hand? The McCain-Kennedy Compromise is defeated. There is no bill to vote on or the vote goes horribly down the tubes. Nothing changes. Hmmm.. the Democrats win and the Republican party will have torn itself into encamped ideologues and the Democrats win again in 2008.

If there is any Republican leader able to hear what is being said here, someone needs to stand up and calm down the troops by explaining the political reality of Washington and how all it would take, is for the Republicans to jointly support the McCain-Kennedy Compromise and steal the marshmallows right away from the Democrats’ belief they cannot lose in 2008.

Just do the math. (This is for Republicans, Democrats stop reading here:) The nomination for President will fall to either John McCain, Fred Thompson or Mitt Romney. Rudy will never survive his abortion stance, nor should he. If Fred Thompson runs on the anti-immigration rejection of any compromise, the Clinton-Obama ticket will win. (You don’t think for one moment that George Soros pumped cash into Obama to upstage his girl do ya? He did it to make the 2nd banana position lend the minority and Hollywood vote to the preordained ticket.) If Mitt Romney does the same thing, Hillary-Barack will win. It has nothing to do with the issue. It has everything to do with the election. The issue will remain unsolved and that will allow more Democrats to be added to the rolls and a border porous enough to invite attack. That pesky ‘war on terror’ thing will be once again ignored by the Democrats.

If the splinter of the Republican party falls on ideological lines, you know, the ‘politicians’ versus the ‘social conservatives’; the McCain-Thompson or McCain-Romney ticket will lead the party. Without consensus there will be no win. Two to three more Supreme Court Justices will retire or otherwise step down and the Court will shift far left. The envisioned hope of Hillary’s Utopian government environment will come to pass and the hard earned money of every working responsible adult in the land will shrink to pay for those who aren’t.

Do you really want that outcome? It is inevitable if you allow the Democrats to control the legislative political agenda. Right now, they are, and Republicans are tearing at each other, preaching at each other, arguing with each other over nothing. Literally, nothing. Support President Bush and John McCain’s compromise or split the part and well: a house divided and all that. Nothing: because that is what the Democrats want done. Leave it like it is. Don’t stop the culture’s fragmentation, the more the merrier. The more illegal immigration, the more ignorant willing victims the Democrats will gain. They have been using the African American minority to bolster their power for years. Now that Latinos outnumber Blacks, Democrats throw Blacks to the wayside, just as they watch the Republicans make it so easy. (Why do you think there is no concern about skipping the Black Caucus debate on Fox News? Democrats fear the questions more than they fear African Americans.)

Instead, what say we band together, support the McCain-Kennedy Compromise and hold the Democrats responsible and their feet to the fire when they refuse to allow the money to build the fence, secure the border or for that matter, for everything they will do to stop the bill from ever taking effect. Then, 2008 takes on a completely different hue.

The McCain-Kennedy Compromise came about: because it was politically beneficial to Democrats to allow the issue to face the anger of Conservatives. The McCain-Kennedy Compromise got through a Democrat controlled senate: because it was politically beneficial to Democrats to allow the issue to face the anger of Conservatives. The left is fairly quiet about it all: because they don’t want you to stop bickering over it. The right is up in arms and trying to commit political suicide: because it is letting its emotions get in the way of its maturity.

Maturity IS what makes a Republican.

Author Bio: Lee Kent Hempfling

Lee Kent Hempfling is a human who writes books about humans and other creations at and tracks logic in science and politics at The latest book is part three of West WithOut Heaven entitled, “Monkey See, Monkey Do” and explains awareness, consciousness and free-will. Parts one and two, like part three are free to the public in pdf download. No royalties of any kind are taken by the author. Previous books include, “The Brain Is A Wonderful Thing” and “Modern Mysticism”. Previous essays include, Equinox: A Portrait Of A Communist; A Portrait Of A Patriot; Media Matters: The Steps of Propaganda and : Act Three is Hidden; Rudy Giuliani Needs To Leave and Are You Watching The Best Show In DC?

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