The Good Thing About The Senate Immigration Compromise

By: Carolyn Hileman

Even though this bill has taken almost an entire forest of trees for the paper it was written on and grants amnesty to the millions of illegal immigrants in this country and has every conceivable side against it including the ACLU, there is one good thing about it that not many people are mentioning these days. If this bill passed, and possibly even if it is not passed, will have the effect of an illegal immigrant cleaning out Washington using bleach. People are hopping mad and they are after blood on this one. And no small wonder why since this bill will in effect allow all illegal immigrants to be legal. Whether or not they wish to be citizens, they will be legal. High skilled labors who are vying for visas are going to have to pay more and there will be less given out, so in affect we are truly saying give me your poor.

The idea is that they will make them legal and they will pay social security taxes and that will fix social security at least until they are due to draw it. Then we will have to legalize the new illegal immigrants so they can pay for the ones we just legalized. It makes sense in a stupid sort of way, and explains why they are targeting the illiterate illegal immigrants for this special gift because they do not know enough to balk at the idea and those that are educated know they are being used. The only problem is the framers of this grand bargain and those who will be pressured into signing it will be looking for work come the next election and not even their new voting block will be able to save them. It is actually kind of funny if you think about it, the one time the Democrat and Republican senators agree on anything it is something that unifies the Democrats and Republicans against them. I can honestly say that I cannot remember a time that the Democrats and Republicans could agree on anything in the house or in the streets and now we have them agreeing in the house and working towards America’s end and them agreeing in the streets and working towards the end of anyone who supports this bill. Got to love it.

Now granted Nancy Pelosi’s statement of this bill will pass over my dead body does give one pause to think just how bad would this bill be? The president is in bed with Kennedy and Kennedy is in bed with the president and both sides are disgusted with their side. The presidential candidates are falling all over themselves to talk tough on immigration even those like McCain who is calling the American people Nativists, racist and the new word ignorant. He is cussing his fellow republicans and still honestly believes that the American people will make him president. Then there is Mitt Romney who says he wants to be tough on immigration but darn does that mean I have to get rid of my illegal yard worker to? Giuliani has decided he now is against the illegal immigrants all though he favored them as mayor in New York. Although I suspect that was before the illegal immigrants took out the Twin Towers. Fred Thompson seems to prefer to stay out of the political quagmire until each of the other candidates have officially slit their throats and then he will throw his hat in the ring. Very smart decision I might add. Wait in the wings and let the people figure out they really don’t trust or like the people running and then ride up on his white horse to save the day, simply genius.

This bill is showing the American people where our weakness lies; who it really is that would allow terrorists to walk among us and give legality to them before they kill us and who would stand on the values of the American citizens even when the sharks are circling. We know for instance that Vitter and Sessions are just about the only two people in Washington right now that are actively speaking for the American people and we know that there is a very real possibility that these two men will go down with the rest in 2008.

So there you have the one good thing about this bill, it will essentially clear out all of Congress and the Senate in 2008 and bring fresh blood. And it might very well finally remove some of the old relics of the past such as Kenney. And that is the good thing about the senate immigration compromise.

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