I Might Be Able To Understand

By: Carolyn Hileman

If they were taken from the homes oceans away, stored in the bottom of ships like some kind of cargo, given only bread and water and no medical treatment only to be taken ashore in America and be sold as slaves. If once they were on land and sold to their new owners, they were forced to work or get beaten I might understand. If they were forced to watch as their children were sold to the highest bidder and beaten if they resisted; if they were forced to eat the scraps left by their master and never allowed to have anything to call their own then maybe I could understand. If they had legs cut off because they tried to escape to go back home; if they even ever thought of going back home I might could understand.

But they never were brought here against their will, No, they snuck across a border in the dark of the night. They may not be living in a palace but they are not being forced to stay somewhere they don’t want to be. Their pay may not be much but it is what they agreed to work for. Their children may be forced to live in America without their parents but that is the life they chose for those children and to try and make me feel guilty because they chose to put their children in harms way is beyond the pale.

It was not I who crossed the border and had a child so that I could draw benefits from a country that I was illegally in. It was not I who chose to bring up that child in a place that I knew I might eventually get caught and sent away, I am not responsible for your lack of planning. I am not responsible for your family being torn apart. You are.

By the way there is no law on any books that says that you cannot take your children with you back to your home. We are no more responsible for your children than we are for the children that are separated from their families because their parents sold drugs, were prostitutes or murderers and for our government to single out these children as precious is nothing more than sheer discrimination. Many children are separated from their parents every single day because of criminal activity, neglect or abuse. They are taken to foster homes to people they have never met and yet no senator or president has seen fit to worry about them. Perhaps their parents committed the wrong crime?

They call their marches civil rights movements when all it is, is a bunch of criminals trying to make us feel bad because we have not given them our country. They have no cause to be asking for any rights and they have no justification for being in our streets to begin with. We did not bring them here. We did not ask them here. We are not under any circumstances responsible for their lives and I am sick and damn tired of being told that I am. We have one side working on our conscience about how badly they are being treated and one side who is blatantly arrogant and telling us to get off their soil. And then we have those poor suckers who are trying to get in legally and guess who is winning.

It is not those people who stood in line and waited their turn to become American. It is those who decided they didn’t need to play by our rules and I suppose they were right.

Since we are dead set on giving amnesty to criminals I say to those who are behind bars right now start calling your Congressman and Senators. Have your family and friends do the same because they cannot just grant amnesty to these crimminals. Why that would be discrimination and we don’t want you to be discriminated against, so I support your being released as well. Like I said earlier if they had been brought here against their will with no real chance of ever being allowed to go home I might be able to understand.

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