Silently Into The Night

By: Carolyn Hileman

Silently into the night they pass through unprotected borders and are pressed onto unsuspecting Americans as just one more worker in yet another rapidly decreasing field for the people. Silently into the night they stow away aboard ships; beaten up boats or anything that will float in order to reach the shores of America. Silently into the night goes security; any safety we as Americans ever had a hope of. It stands to reason that with each additional person who reaches our shores or passes through our unmanned border our chances of another attack increases. While our leaders would have us believe otherwise calling it fear mongering and such, one can not escape the feeling of doom as we watch them allow those already here and those who are rushing to get here the chance to be legal American citizens, when word is given by their leaders to kill Americans.

They refuse to even acknowledge the Fort Dix six in these proceedings and I am sure the plot uncovered this weekend will not even be discussed, largely because they were not Mexican, therefore the subject should never come up. The only thing that matters behind those closed doors is how will this bill affect the illegal immigrant. Will it pose a hardship on them to be deported? Will it cause them problems in cashing the checks? Then the real question of who will get the lion’s share of the votes; will big business be happy? Will farm labor unions be happy? Will they be able to maintain status quo in the fields?

All of this will be discussed for all the world to see, on an American TV station C-span by American political leaders on American soil, in the American House of representatives’ and the American voice save for a couple of senators will go silently into the night.

The American people have made phone calls and emailed their displeasure with this bill, however the only voices we will hear in favor of the American people will be that of Jeff Sessions, David Vitter, and John Cornyn who have been our champions from the start. Some may change their minds but that is only because they wish to go home during recess. Those like John McCain who are dead set on ramming this down the throat of Americans whether we want it or not will not have changed their minds simply because they have decided they alone know what is right for our country. And besides, with all these new Americans, surely some of them will repay his kindness and vote for him for president. Sorry to tell you John, but I doubt even the newest Americans will vote for utter tyranny and deceit.

Mr. McCain this past weekend decided to try the Iraq war spin on the immigrant debate discussing the riots in France and essentially saying he would rather they riot over there than in the American streets. Good try John. Unfortunately we saw how many there were in our streets and we have already been concerned about that sir and that is why we want them deported. I am sorry but I thought this man was some type of war hero? Maybe being a prisoner of war did something to this man because everything he has suggested in the past few years sounds like something that would come from a man who is in constant fear. He cosponsored a bill to weaken our torture techniques to nothing more than Mr. could you tell us where the bombs are? And now rather than act like a leader and demand those people be deported before they can riot in our streets he is telling us we can’t start deporting them they might riot. My God John what happened to you in Vietnam?

We the American people must call 1-866-340-9281, and we must keep calling that number, we have no choice in the matter unless we do. We are being silenced by the leaders of this country and we the American people will not tolerate being silenced. Our voices will be heard in those halls. They may ultimately pass this bill and then if they do we will call congress because the American people will not go silently into the night….

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