They Are Taking Apart Our Flag

By: Carolyn Hileman

These people who have never once been able to agree on anything that was good for the American people are now in firm agreement on the subject of illegal immigrants. They have decided that the best way to make up for their years of hiding is to put them in front of the very people they were supposedly hiding from. They are not just going to make them legal they are going to give them access the American people have never been privy to and they are in the process taking apart our flag.

It has been torn before, it has been burned before, they have picked at its seams, they have taken shots at it but today they plan to take it apart piece by piece before our very eyes. As they stand there and discuss how this bill is just too difficult for the families and how it will cause unjust hardship on them, it will not be the American families they are speaking of and a stripe will loosen and fall to the ground. When they stand and take up the amendments that will insure that not only are they allowed to stay here legally; they will have tax payer funded lawyers should they have trouble another stripe will loosen and fall to the floor. When Obama stands to say that they should not be made second class citizens, another stripe will fall. When they discuss how they cannot afford to pay fines and finally do away with that provision another stripe will fall. When they discuss the education provisions being given to those who came here illegally another stripe will loosen its self and fall to the floor. This will go on until they are satisfied that not one more stripe remains.

The stars that have held on for their dear life will start to feel their thread strain as they continue the wholesale division of our country and they to will fall to the floor as they listen to the people that were elected to protect our country debate the best way in which to destroy it. Finally the pure white cloth, a symbol of America’s purity, will lie on the floor along with its compatriots as they vote to decide America’s fate. They will lay there all the while listening as the country they so gallantly watched over is taken apart as well and they will finally give in to the fate of that which the leaders have bestowed on them.

The stars will struggle to try and rise again as they begin to bring in the new standard; the eagle, the stripes who are all but dead will attempt to whimper as the green, white and red stripes are brought forth to replace them, each of them taking over the white cloth and becoming the new flag of our new country. Those who have devised this plan and seen it through the wrath of the Americans will walk out side those hallowed halls to unveil the new face of the country for all to see. The news crews will clamor to get a shot of the new flag and the new leaders of our country. Today is the day they plan to destroy our country, our flag and everything that has ever made our country great. Only one question remains, will the American people stand by in utter disbelief or will they rise to fight the voices of tyranny and save our flag?

Because as you are reading this they are taking apart our flag.

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