Somebody Had To Say It

By: Carolyn Hileman

Having heard my fill for the second year in a row that there are jobs that we in America can’t fill and that is why we need to bring in people from other countries, I have decided that since they won’t say it I will. If, as they say, we have a shortage of skilled workers that shortage falls on those who would spend their time trying to coddle leaders of other countries rather than address the fact that while we are prepared to pay $32 trillion dollars over the next ten years to make sure our new citizens are happy. There has never been and never will be a bill on the house floor that will give our children the ability to gain that training.

This is nothing more than a failure of education, a failure of leaders and a failure of the people for not demanding that our children be given equal opportunity in our own country. Many of these high skilled visas they are handing out are in careers in nursing, x-ray,tech and other fields that our children would be interested in however, most of them simply cannot afford an education. There is help for those who are underprivileged, help for those who are minority, help those who are here illegally, but help a child whose parents work and pay taxes, nah, we wouldn’t want to do that.

There are a lot of parents who are like us who cannot afford to send their children to even the least expensive college. But since we are not poor and on food stamps our children must either take out loans to get them an education while our tax dollars are going to help pay for someone else’s child to go for free, then we are told by those who set this whole mess up in the first place that we need outside help because our kids don’t want to work in this or that industry. BS.

I am sorry but if I hear another democrat stand up and say we must help their poor children I am going to throw up. What about helping our children? What about setting up a merit based scholarship program for students who are scoring high in academics? My daughter got a letterman jacket for academics. Will she get a scholarship? Doubtful. Will she go to college? Some way, some how, yes.

While they are up there deciding amongst themselves how best to spend our money, which class of immigrant deserves what we make it would be nice if just one of them would tell it like it is, that those people who are paying for this legislation are doing so at their own detriment. That in doing so they are taking a college education away from one of their children.

Senator Kennedy talks about those poor children. He told us today that we have the highest rate of children living in poverty than any other country, like we should be ashamed. Well excuse me, if they wouldn’t have crossed the borders I don’t think we would have that many. Besides the fact the man does not care other than he can use that to make his point that the illegal immigrants, whom by the wave of his magic wand will become legal, should be granted earned income credit. More money for you and I to pay out.

I am sorry. That man wouldn’t have the first clue of what it is like to have to decide which bill you will pay, whether your kid is sick enough to have to go to a doctor, or if you can risk doctoring them at home. He will never have to look at his last ten dollars that week and decide if he will put gas in the car or buy the kids some food and he wants to tell those of us who do that we are bad people because we are not paying enough in taxes to lift all the immigrants and everyone else out of poverty? I am not ashamed and I am pissed. I am pissed that these people parade around up there, except for a few, and talk about us like we are the reason we have an illegal immigrant problem.

I have run a bit long on this and I shall end for now, but somebody had to say it.

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