What Shortage of Unskilled Workers?

By: John Lillpop

June 7, 2007

Dear Senators Boxer and Feinstein:

One of the common arguments made on behalf of the immigration reform bill now before congress is that America needs more unskilled workers, especially in the agriculture sector.

I believe this argument to be specious, at best.

To begin with, employers should not be dependent on illegal aliens to meet their labor needs, under any circumstances.

To do so is a violation of U.S. laws, and the failure of congress and the administration to enforce those laws is a major reason why America is saddled with 12-30 million illegal aliens right now.

Secondly, the labor needs of farmers would be met by real Americans–citizens and others here legally–if growers paid reasonable wages.

Indeed, reports indicate that the “shortfall” of agricultural workers is also the result of illegal aliens working in construction and other U.S. industries where they can make more money. In other words, illegal aliens already here are no longer willing to pick produce and fruit.

So the argument seems to as follows: America needs to allow more foreigners in to do work that illegal aliens already here will not do?

That simply makes no sense!

Most significantly, how in the world can there be a “shortage of workers” in a nation that is overwhelmed and overrun by illegal aliens?

With all due respect Senators, it is estimated that between 12 and 30 million illegal aliens reside in America right now.

Americans have been horrified recently at the sight of millions of illegal aliens marching through streets of Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas and other major cities to protest the rule of law.

Why are these criminals not rounded up, outfitted with straw hats, picking buckets, and other required farm-work paraphernalia, and shipped to the nearest needy grower?

Moreover, jail systems throughout America already use incarcerated inmates to clean parks and roadways. Why not force those here illegally, and in jail or prison, to meet the needs of the American people for change?

Other venues for locating illegal immigrants: Day labor centers, and home care centers like Home Depot. Why are the congregated masses at these locations not harvested for America’s benefit?

Bottom Line: There is NO shortage of unskilled labor in America. Those here illegally should not have the option of working for higher wages in jobs of their own choosing. They should be deported, or used to meet the needs of America, and then deported!

Finally, much like this nation’s addiction to foreign oil, America is addicted to slave labor from the third world.

That addiction represents a major threat to homeland security, national sovereignty, economic and social stability, and preservation of American values and culture.

America needs to end this insidious addiction to slave labor by doing the following:

* Secure our borders, with military force if needed.
* Enforce all existing laws.
* Deport all illegal aliens currently in the United States.
* Prosecute and punish all business owners that undermine the national security by hiring illegal aliens, and
* Hold the Mexican government accountable for its role in the invasion of America by third-world criminals.

By cutting off the flow of illegal aliens, American politicians can do what is right for American working class families, while at the same time fighting terrorism and preserving our heritage and culture.

I urge both of you to reject any legislation that rewards criminals for invading America and fails to hold Mexico responsible for it role.

Thank you.


John W. Lillpop
San Jose California

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