We Have Our Voice Back

By: Carolyn Hileman

… let’s not be afraid to use it.

We are coming off a big win; a big win for our country and the American people and let me tell you it feels good. It feels good that that harmful bill was defeated and it feels good that the American people defeated it. Yes the Senators were the ones up there doing a lot of work and we have a bunch of them we need to thank, but if it had not been for you, the American citizen, picking up that phone and sending that email they would never have had the strength to defeat anything. Last year at this time they passed a bill almost just like this one but the House refused to even put it to a vote. This year even though Harry Reid tried his best he could not defeat the will of the people. We have found our voice and this is no time to rest them. We still have some major battles ahead. We still have a wide open border.

Today I ask you to start calling again. Tell them thank you and that now we want a secure the border only bill introduced and that when our borders are in fact secure we will consider allowing them to vote on the other. But not until our borders are secure. Ladies and gentlemen we have their ear and we have a group of people who learned that if you will just stick to your guns you can win and we cannot afford to waste this valuable asset. We must push forward and we must keep them pushing. They are fighting for us and we don’t want them to forget it. I know this was very tiring, stressful and all we really want to do is rest and enjoy the fact that we won, but while we are resting they are still crossing our borders and the amount of people in our streets demanding rights will be doubled. We must never forget what our fight is all about and we must never ever give up.

I want to take a moment from this battle to tell you how proud I am of each and every single one of you. You spoke up and you made them listen and don’t you ever forget that. This is something you need to tell over and over again to your grandkids so that they know that the American people run this country not just those who were elected, but those who elected them. They need to know. Before we were reacting, now we are going to take action. We are going to demand that they secure our borders. We are going to demand that they make higher education available for all the taxpayers children. And do you know why we are going to do that? Because they are going to spend our money any way. They plan to spend it on a dream act, Well our kids have dreams as well and if it is our money paying for that dream I think that dream belongs to our children.

It is time to use this new voice we have found to do something for the American taxpayers, it is time we let them know we want some say in how our money is spent, we have a voice now and it would be a shame to shelve that voice, that voice was loud and clear and it was heard in the hall of Congress from all across this great country of ours. We have our voice back, let’s not be afraid to use it…

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