This is America, We Are Americans, This Is Our Country

By: Carolyn Hileman

And we are not about to give it to anyone else.

Apparently it isn’t just the illegal immigrants who can be sneaky; apparently our leaders can as well. The president is planning to eat lunch with the renegade Senators who believe the American people should have a say in their country. He is going to try and get them back in line and he is going to do so this coming week. They plan to bring that immigration bill right back in July and I am betting right around our country’s Independence Day as the final slap in the face to the American tax payers. You have to understand. Those Senators who listened to the people were not being their version of courageous. Their version is getting in line behind Harry Reid and kiss his butt and when they didn’t. Well, you know that cannot be tolerated.

I don’t know about you but I am getting angry just thinking about it. They can’t seem to take no for an answer and they seem to believe the American taxpayer voice has no place in this discussion. They are wrong. We have every right to have our voices heard. We have every right to say no to something we believe will hurt us and our future. We must continue to fight; we must continue to call and we must win this battle. Because the American people deserve our voices to be heard in the Senate, and in the White House. I have always said the president deserves our respect, but right now I think he needs to be sending a little of that respect back to the people.

Telling us we don’t know what is good for us, that we can’t secure our borders if we don’t give 12 – 20 million illegal immigrants amnesty first; sorry that does not sit well with me. I can respect him and disagree with him at the same time and that is what I am going to have to do. I will not resort to calling him names like he has done us. I will not call what he is doing pandering to illegals even though that is exactly what it is. I will simply say not no but Hell NO. I will call my Senators and your Senators until I know that they will do the same thing every time this bill goes to the senate floor. You see the President will not be in office in a few months, but the people will still be here and we will remember any of them who turns on us.

They are going to hear from those of us who pay their paychecks. They are going to, for once, recognize that the money they are spending does not grow on trees; it grows on the backs of the people who work two jobs and the ones who drive the trucks. They are going to know that the money they plan to give away to the people who came here illegally came from a mother and father who could have put that money up in a fund so their child could go to college. We are going to be asking why if they want to fund higher education why they have not done it for the tax payers kids yet and why we should be made to pay for someone else’s kid to go to college when we can’t even afford to send ours.

We are going to tell them that we have no intention of having more taxes taken out of our checks unless it is going to something that will help us, that we are sick and tired of hearing how bad these people have it. Because it must not be to bad here or they would go back home. If they thought our calls were heated before, they have not felt the heat from the American people who feel like they have heard us and now think they are going to sneak this bill by us when we are not looking. Because we are looking and we are ready and we will not be defeated. We got their attention before we will get it again and we will remind them that it is we who vote for them, it is we who pay them, and it is them who need to be working for us. I am angry and I am tired. Like you I relished the win and I believed that they would drop this, but I suppose not. Well, I still have a little skin left on my fingers and I can still punch those numbers and I can still send those emails and will be damned if they won’t listen to us. This is America, we are Americans, this is our country, and we are not about to give it to anyone else.

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