Who will save America?

By: Carolyn Hileman

My family gives to several charities. Most receive something at the end of the year when my husband gets his bonus and of course we do a weekly tithe to our church. We get phone calls almost weekly asking us to give to this or that but we usually tell them we donate at the end of year. The reason we do this is because if we don’t we will be working only to give to the charities and there will be none left for groceries and bills. While I believe in the fact that the Lord will sustain us I also believe He helps those who help themselves and He expects us to use the money we receive wisely, putting aside the amount that goes to Him and using the rest so that we our self do not become a burden on society.

We would all like to end the suffering and hunger all over the world but alas that is not up to us. What is, is doing with what we have. Senator Dorgan made several valid points on the day the amnesty bill died, he said he would love to be able to share the American dream with everyone but it would not be possible simply because we would be over run. The American dream would then effectively be the American nightmare. America is blessed but not with an infinite amount of resources. We have what we have and yes it was given to us by God and yes He expects us to share, but he does not expect us to give it all away and to become what it is we are trying to end.

To date one hundred thousand people come into our country legally each year. That is not counting the ones who slip in under the cover of darkness. A major portion of them immigrate to California, a state that for the past few years has been on the brink if not bankrupt. Is it because the governor of California is bad with money, no, unless you consider that they allow the illegal immigrants to stay and do not do much to eradicate that problem. So we are looking at what America will become if we allow mass amnesty.

If we allow people to just come here because this is America, the dream, the second heaven, it will soon become the second hell. More people require more housing and with more housing come less land to farm and less food going to market. More people requires more cars and more gas and I believe we have all seen the gas prices. They say those prices are market driven so if that is the case more people buying gas means that they will bring up the gas prices. With more houses comes more electricity usage and with more electricity usage come brown outs simply because our electricity system is not equipped to send out that much electricity at one time.

With the passage of this immigration bill there would have been an estimated 12 – 20 million new people who call America home, and then we would welcome another one hundred thousand here legally and then because they will simply forget to fund the border control portion of the bill, another thousand to two thousand will enter each year illegally. You may ask why I say they will not fund the border control portion? That is because last year they were going to build a seven hundred mile fence and to date they have only funded seventy miles, so you will forgive me if I do not believe they will fund any border control provisions.

I read today that the amnesty bill going down hurt Mexico’s president because he has been working feverishly to ease immigration restrictions in the US. While I am all for helping other countries it should not be at the expense of the American people and if it is it should be voted on by the American people. The American people have said no. The leaders are saying we don’t know what we are doing and they are going to do it for us anyway. They want us to prop up the Mexican president so that his people will like him at the peril of our own country. In affect they are asking us to save Mexico and Mexico’s president and my question is after we have saved him and all the other leaders in the world, what will be left for America and who will save America?

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