When they get tired of doing it the legal way

By: Carolyn Hileman

During the last march of the illegal immigrants some of them were scanning the internet and commenting on blogs that were against illegal immigration, mine was one of those. One man said and I quote “we just got tired of doing it the legal way”. Tto me that hit home, because it explained so much in one little sentence. It told me that when they can’t get what they want through the legal channels they will do what ever they deem OK illegally and they honestly think they have the right to do so. Take for instance the over crowded homes.

Most houses are made for only one family and in some cases for Americans; if they are used for more than one, they are fined. The illegal immigrants however, can and house up to four families in one single home, which over burdens the sewer system at that residence and makes parking especially in the city a real chore. However, since most city workers do not speak the myriad of languages required to converse with the illegal immigrants they go UNfined and do not have to follow the laws of the land.

At the hospital they do not have to show proof of anything, although we as Americans must show our drivers license, proof of insurance and in some hospitals proof of ability to pay. At a school when enrolling your child you must show your ID, their birth certificate and have school records from the last school they attended. Schools are only allowed to keep a student enrolled for about a week if they have no school records and none forthcoming, that is unless you are illegal, The school official cannot ask them if they are here illegally because that would be discrimination. When the Supreme Court made that ruling they forgot to extend it to the colleges and that is what the dream act in the amnesty bill tries to correct. Even though in most states illegal immigrants cannot obtain a drivers license, they still buy cars and are still allowed to drive, especially in cities that do not do a proper ID check of drivers when they are pulled over. While it is customary for an American citizen when pulled over to show drivers license, proof of insurance and registration, it is discrimination to ask them to be shown by anyone who is of Hispanic decent.

What all of this is telling us is they got tired of doing a lot of things legally and our government has never once required them to do so. As a matter of fact they went completely backwards by requiring that hospitals hire interpreter’s, requiring the police to not ask questions of them and schools to harbor illegal immigrant children. And today they plan to bring back a bill that would further encourage illegal behavior. While they talk about the fines they must pay it is only one thousand dollars, payable in installment plans and they only have to pay $200.00 to get their legality. No one to date has told us what will happen when they just stop paying? Will they send out the cops to pick them up and deport them, oh that’s right they can’t ask if they are here legally so how are they going to find them? Will we be paying for a phone bank to collect the money from these people when they decide they are tired of trying to do it legally? If all of them decide they don’t want to pay this fine will we bring forth yet another bill to the Senate to give them amnesty for this as well?

When they decide they don’t like our voting system because they cannot elect a Mexican national as president and find that it to is illegal what will they do then? When they find that they cannot just take a house that they like because the person does not wish to sell, what will they do when they get tired of trying to obtain that house legally?

I get tired of doing things legally. I am sure you do as well, but most of us do it any way simply because that is the law. Those that don’t get punished when caught. Not so with 12 – 20 million illegal immigrants. Somehow they have managed to work our system to the point that even if the company they work at is raided we are the bad guys, not the people who came here illegally and produced false work documents. We the American people who just don’t understand that they just got tired of trying it legally.

So there it stands, they got tired of doing it legally so we must allow them to do it illegally or as senator McCain says they just might riot. So what he is trying to tell us is that if we do not give these people exactly what they want and if we do not do it soon those peaceful marches just might turn into a major riot in our streets?

We are not going to negotiate, no it is a done deal as soon as they apply enough pressure to the Senators who are listening to the people, we are going to give in to those who would riot in our streets, because who knows what they will do when they get tired of doing it the legal way.

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