What do you say we call them and tell them they are wrong?

By: Carolyn Hileman

If my house had been broken into repeatedly and I wanted to secure it I would not start by welcoming in the people who had broken into it before and giving them the opportunity to stay there but only after they paid a fine of course; maybe fix a broken window or two, you know what I mean. I certainly would not give them access to my doctor and I would not pay for their bills. I would not give them money and I certainly would not make them a part of my family and give them our last name. I would not go next door and ask my neighbor, who I knows works hard and can still barely pay his bills, to help pay for these people who broke into my home to be part of the family. Of course that is just me and I am not pandering for votes. Who knows what I might do then. But to be honest with you this amnesty bill cannot possibly get much stupider and I would be ashamed to have my name anywhere near it.

It has fallen on the backs of the taxpaying God fearing Americans for years to take care of these people up there that really do not seem to have a clue what they are doing. Save for a few of them, I almost feel like we are supporting an insane asylum with Jeff Sessions having to watch over the Republican wing and Harry Reid watching over the Democrat wing. The reason I say this is that no reasonable person is going to do what I just laid out at the beginning of this article. Now granted it sounds good to the illegal immigrants since hey they are the ones who broke in, but to the man or woman who is having to work two jobs and still can’t make ends meet, or the young man or woman fresh out of school and ready to take on the world this sounds like more money out of their already shrinking wallet.

We have gas prices sky rocketing and we have everyone else raising their rates to make up for the fuel prices and then we have those people up in the Looney Bin who are really honestly believing that we want more taxes. Now you see it makes perfect sense to them that we the over worked, under paid, over taxed people would just rush at the opportunity to give them more money … not! Sssh, don’t talk to loud, they might hear you and they still believe that we the people don’t know how to do anything; we wouldn’t want them to be shocked now would we. But lets be honest here, the American people have not been sent to the back of the bus. We have been kicked off. We are officially the wallet, the place they dip into when they need a little extra cash to cover this or that.

The sad thing is our kids that are about to graduate don’t have a clue. They believe that when they get a job the money they make will be theirs. They will be wrong. For each and every wonderful thing they pass for the illegal immigrants, or any one else for that matter, is going to come out of their paycheck. In a very real sense they are going to be starting out at a deficit simply because this bill is going to cost the American tax payers 32 trillion dollars. No I am not joking and that my friends is only the cost estimate for the next ten years. They haven’t had the courage to mention a total after the first ten years simply because they don’t want the kindergarteners’ to know that they will be working for the illegal immigrants by the time they are old enough to work.

Do not be fooled that our president is now offering to throw 4.4 million dollars at the border problem. While that sounds really good, they are claiming that the money from the illegal immigrants will pay for this when the final bill is passed. I submit that as they spend that money they allow the American people to see the progress; see that our borders are in fact secure. After that if he wants he can try, and I do mean try, to pass the rest of that bill.

You see here is what they are going to do, they are going to authorize that money to be spent. I have yet to hear about them authorizing any work to be done. So as far as we know they might be planning to pass out spending money to our new residents, make their stay here a little nicer. Senator Sessions believes this is a gimmick and I agree with him. This is just one more attempt to slide that thing through under the auspice of fixing our border.

I think they need to hear from us again and they need to know that the money will be spent, the fences built and our border secure before they bring that bill back to the floor or we will not shut up. I said earlier today that this reminds me of every horror movie I have ever seen, just when you think the monster is dead he comes back to life and that is what is going on here, the monster is alive again, it is just another one of those compromises’ and they think we are to stupid to figure it out, what do you say we call them and tell them they are wrong.

Call 1-866-340-9281 it is toll free it will not cost you a penny and you can talk to your senator or if you have the time call them all and I don’t care if you live there they are deciding on an issue that affects all Americans and with that being the case they work for us all because our tax dollars go to pay them so make them listen.

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