Let Our People Go…

By: Carolyn Hileman

Right now there are a couple Mexican men who I believe should in fact receive amnesty, at this point both of their families are on the verge of losing everything and one of their wives is in a wheel chair and is limited in what she can do for herself. They are very hard workers and espouse the very family values that the Senate was speaking of last week as they were discussing the immigration bill. They have been in this country many, many years, worked hard often doing the jobs Americans would not do and always to provide money for their families. At this point they are being detained in a federal detention center and they belong at home with their families and back at their job. That is of course if this bill were for the Mexican Americans, the Border Patrol Agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean of this country.

But it is not for those Mexicans that this bill was written. It was for the very people these two gentlemen would be helping to stop crossing our border. I will not go into the details of the farce of a trial they were given or the fact that they were treated worse than any illegal immigrant they ever stopped from bringing in drugs. I will just ask if we are going to be setting people free, why it is that these two men are not them? Although I know the answer; they are not precious in the sight of our President and Senate. Nor has Deputy Gilmer Hernandez garnered any of that amnesty fever going around right now, so I say they are not anywhere near serious about securing our borders. Because if they were they would have these men released and stop the war against our border patrol agents and police men and start backing the law enforcement in this country instead of stabbing them in the back.

In the years after 9/11 all we could hear about is how our law enforcement had been handcuffed before and how we needed to release those shackles so they could do their jobs. Instead these men were placed in handcuffs and led to prison and for doing nothing other than their jobs. Talk about being shackled. Officers in many cities are instructed to not even stop someone of Hispanic decent for even small traffic violations because it would be a waste of their time simply because they are not allowed to ask their legal status. Another 9/11 in the making. So please do not talk to us about unshackling law enforcement until you free the ones your attorney put in prison.

Since the president is compromising with us and wants to secure our borders I think he could first and foremost let those men out of prison. We may not ever see the fence even if he gives us the money since I have yet to hear that they have decided how that money is to be spent. But if we can see those men walk out of prison and resume the life Johnny Sutton took away then we will have seen something. I want to hear from the President’s mouth that our government will allow the border patrol agents to enforce the laws already on the books and I want to hear that before I hear this stupid bill has passed Senate. Because if they are serious about securing our borders the first step is to let our people go…

Call this number now and demand they set our people free 1-866-340-9281

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