Where’s The Media?

By: Carolyn Hileman

It was the dead of night as our troops silently went ashore in Iraq, when suddenly from out of no where there was light, not just a flashlight but blinding lights from camera crews awaiting their arrival. Some of you I am sure do not remember that debacle during the first Gulf war, but I do. I remember thinking, you idiots why don’t you spray paint targets on them while you are there, it would have had the same effect. What is amazing to me is that they are not filming the great invasion coming across our borders but that could be because they are on their side. I admit I find it interesting that our government can’t find those people supposedly living in the shadows but the media always has a fresh supply who are ready to dispel any belief that any illegal immigrant would ever consider doing any thing illegal.

So where are they? Where are their big trucks and satellites? Where is the newsperson who feels their pain while he sips his imported water and eats his happy meal? Why these are people longing to escape oppression and they are being made to walk farther than those people in New Orleans? So why no news coverage?

I know the desert is hot and dirty but surely it is not nearly as hot and dirty as the Super Dome. Why don’t they have their lights set up at the border at night time as these precious illegal immigrants pass over into freedom? Why are they not filming the struggles of the would be Americans? Could it be they know if they were to film that they would never get one of those shadow people to talk to them again? We have twenty four hour news coverage and yet not one single station has dreamed this one up?

Instead, they tell us about Paris Hilton, Harry reid, president Bush and others but they refuse to show them actually crossing our border I wonder why, could it be because it is illegal? They can watch our troops like hawks waiting for one of them to make a mistake or say something that is not politically correct. They can brow beat the American people because we refuse to allow a sham of a bill to be passed. They won’t listen when the people tell McCain and his little friends that we will have status quo if this bill passes because the only thing it does is make those people crossing our borders right now really happy. But they refuse to cover the real story, they refuse to shine their bright lights on the border for the American people to see the amount of people rushing to get in America so that when this bill is passed they can say they were here all along. So again I ask where’s the media?

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