Palestinians Hatred for One Another Overflows

By: Sher Zieve

The world was told that if Israel booted out its own people who had set up residence on the Gaza Strip and then gave those same Gaza territories to the Palestinians that peace and harmony would reign supreme. Those of us inhabiting this planet have been drilled for decades that separate side-by-side Palestinian and Israeli states would bring a ‘new level of understanding and tolerance’ to the region. All Israel needed to do was give up some of their hard-fought-for lands to the Palestinians. So, in August 2005 then Israel Prime Minister Ariel Sharon began the placation process of the Palestinian-state-demanders and started the forcible removal of Israeli colonists from twenty-one Israeli settlements. Note: After taking control of the Gaza, the new Palestinian settlers immediately began the destruction of Jewish homes, businesses, greenhouses and farms. In other words, they destroyed and defiled their own new territories. Hmmm. The Palestinians are a most “interesting” people.

In less than a year after the Palestinians had been ceded the Gaza, their newly elected majority and terrorist Hamas-run government began missile attacks on Israel, Palestinian incursions into Israeli territory, killings of several Israeli soldiers and the kidnapping of Cpl. Gilad Shalit. This is, yet, another example of “appeasement never works.” And, to date, Cpl. Shalit has not been returned and nothing has been reported of his fate. The Palestinians’ actions were the cause of a brief but, intense two-front war between Israel and the Palestinians and Lebanon’s Hezbollah. Both Hamas’ and Hezbollah’s attacks on Israel had, apparently, been coordinated by Iran. After this latest war ended, Hamas still vowed to destroy Israel and has continued to lob missiles over its border. Note: Palestinians, who have brought death, destruction, vandalism and utter chaos wherever they have wandered, do not make good neighbors for anyone—let alone their sworn nemesis Israel.

Despite the fact that the Palestinians have continued their missile volleys into Israel, although currently more subdued than those during the 2006 war, Israel has remained remarkably restrained. So, the Palestinians two terrorist parties-Hamas and Fatah—had no choice. Being a search-and-destroy people by nature, and having thus far been unable to goad the Israelis into a current new war, the Palestinians were forced to turn on each other. Last week, Islamist Palestinian Hamas, trained and run by Iran, turned on Palestinian Fatah to determine which of the two fanatical groups will rule the Gaza. Hamas seems to have won this latest conflict and has claimed—with the blessing of its Iranian “we will wipe Israel off the map” benefactor—the current rights of King of the Hill status. However, Hamas’ true target is Israel. But, to be able to affect the appropriate and consistent missile strikes and incursions into Israeli territories, Hamas had to be in control of the land that borders Israel—the Gaza. Fatah, under the leadership of the more “moderate” Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, has at least voiced its disapproval of Hamas’ tactics toward Israel. On Sunday, Abbas declared: “The executive force and Hamas militias are declared outside the law for having carried out an armed rebellion against Palestinian legitimacy and its institutions. Anyone whose ties with these groups is proven will be punished in accordance with the laws under the state of emergency.”

Also as of Sunday, Katyusha rockets—the same type fired in 2006 by Hezbollah-in-Lebanon, have been and are continuing to be fired into Israel. It is reported that these latest missiles were fired by either Hezbollah or Hamas militants located in Lebanon. It appears that Iranian-financed Islamist Hezbollah and Hamas factions are bound and determined to revive their war against Israel. But, Hamas first had to get Palestinian Fatah out of its way. Besides, the Palestinian way is to destroy and, when no one else is available, it will turn on and attack itself. Note: From their many years of worldwide attacks and slaughters, this also appears to be the Muslim way against all non-Muslims and Muslims—alike—who do not ascribe to specific viewpoints. Terrorist Hamas hates its Fatah brothers. Guess they’re not insane enough for Hamas’ tastes. And it strongly looks as if the world is increasingly being run by madmen.

For those who have the ability to comprehend where all of this is leading, re-read the Bible’s Zechariah 14. To be fair and balanced, also read the Quran’s Surah 5:21 and Surah 17:104. This stopped a debate I was having with a Muslim scholar last year. As both of these passages acknowledge Israel as the true and legal residents of the disputed area, he did not appreciate my having quoted them. For those individuals—and all others—get prepared for an escalating, violent and very bumpy ride.,,2-10-1462_2131475,00.html

Sher Zieve is a staff writer for the New Media Alliance, Inc. ( The New Media Alliance is a non-profit (501c3) national coalition of writers, journalists and grass-roots media outlets.

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