Presidential Candidates and Gay Medicine

By: Rev. Bresciani

The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and other gay rights activist groups are opposing President Bush’s nomination for Surgeon General, Dr. James Holsinger. Is his science wrong?

In spite of a glowing career and a lifetime of service to the medical community some gays and presidential candidates are planning to stunt the nomination of Dr. Holsinger. Why? You’ll be surprised.

Holsinger who is an eminent cardiologist and a professor of preventative health at the University of Kentucky has been raked over the coals by the by Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama along with former Senator John Edwards of North Carolina and Sen. Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts. Major gay groups like the Human Rights Campaign and presidential hopefuls are blasting Dr. Holsinger because of a paper written by him in 1991.

In a document written to a panel of United Methodist studying homosexuality Holsinger suggested that anal sex was unnatural and heightens the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. The paper entitled “Pathophysiology of Male Homosexuality” is a scholarly and fair treatment of the dangers inherent in the practice of alternative sex.

Illinois democrat and presidential candidate Barack Obama said “America’s top doctor should be a doctor for all Americans, and so I have serious reservations about nominating someone who would inject his own anti-gay ideology into critical decisions about the health and well being of our nation” according to an article by Will Dunham found on ABC News June 9 2007.

GLMA (Gay and Lesbian Medical Association) President Robert Garofalo who represents the oldest gay medical organization in the US has implied that Holsinger’s science is either outdated or is not science at all.

In fact the Centers for Disease Control and the AMA have recently concluded independently that Dr. Holsinger’s warnings are on the money. GMLA President says Holsinger’s conclusions are twenty years out of date but both the AMA and the CDC reports are less than two years old.

Using the statistics gathered by the CDC the simplest math indicates the rate of STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) is fifty (50) times greater for males engaging in anal sex. That makes the lies, misinformation and political rhetoric fifty times more suspect than the certifiable warnings of the good Doctor.

Lying is not foreign in the political arena but demagoguery from the gay medical community is more than specious in the face of the facts. Regina Griggs the executive director of Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays says “This demonstrates how far the gay rights movement has moved from self-described victims to proactive perpetrators.”

Barack Obama who fears Dr. Holsinger may “inject” his own “anti-gay ideology” into the health care of America is entering into both unfounded fear and unqualified science. If the perceived marriage of politics and religion unnerve the gays then why doesn’t politics and medicine cause any consternation?

The kind of childish reasoning that interprets Dr. Holsinger’s credible warnings as anti gay is quantitatively frivolous. This reasoning could be used to charge the Attorney General with anti-criminal sentiments for warning about the dangers of using a gun in an armed robbery. No one ever charges prosecutors with hate for drug users because of campaigns that warn against the dangers of drug use.

Dr. Holsinger is a health professional without bigoted opinions unless his religious convictions are being craftily mislabeled and misused like a bad bottle of medicine.

Everything Americans dislike could be labeled anti-something or other it just depends on the agenda of the hearer. Terms like anti-gay and homophobia are wearing thin. Such terms have long since been overused, overrated and hackneyed to death. These jaded misnomers are ready for the same PC axe that is so skillfully wielded by liberals and far left activist for any cause feigned or real.

Balance is getting the bums rush and now threatens to undue the careers or the good service offered to the country by even highly qualified people like Dr. James Holsinger.

No one seems to notice that by putting sexual orientation in the same list with other rights that cannot be discriminated against we are creating an impossible contradiction. Placing sexual orientation into the list with race color and creed creates an instant and irresolvable conflict between sexual orientation and creed. This is the oil and water that America will find it self trying to mix against the odds, with ever increasing futility.

It is those creeds usually Biblically derived that say homosexuality is not now emerging because of years of sexual repression but it is part and parcel to the prophetic timetable. The footsteps are at the door in many areas. If we believe Hollywood and TV then capital murder is the only crime serious enough to make any of us nervous.

It would seem that if we open the borders, legalize drugs and finally throw off the last vestiges of sexual repression we at last may be allowed to trip off across the tulips and live happily ever after. To many believers like Dr. Holsinger it has become apparent that it isn’t the flight of the gays from some imagined oppressive repression but an alarming increase in moral reprobation that is the real sickness in America.

No insult intended to the reader but if you have to ask what reprobation is or need an explanation of its outcome you probably have no creed left to protect. Perhaps a good test would be to read the following passage from the Bible. Give it some time, ponder it and in the end if you think sexual orientation should be a protected right then be true to the cause and open the prisons and let out the pedophiles, the necrophiliacs and other sex offenders of every description. After all, it is only their sexual orientation that got them there in the first place.

The following admonition is taken from the Prophet Malachi chapter two and verse seventeen. “You have made the Lord tired with your words. And still you say, how have we made him tired? By your saying, everyone who does evil is good in the eyes of the Lord, and he has delight in them; or, where is God the judge?”

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