By: Carolyn Hileman

It is all about security; whether it is national security or social security it is still about security. That is what the American people want, that one thing. And without it most other things don’t make much of a difference. People want to know that their country is secure, that we will never again witness American people jumping form high-rise buildings as a result of our lax vigilance and they want to know that their lives are secure; that no one is going to take their identity and use it for something else.

When you see our people out on the street, holding signs saying secure our border, what they are saying is without this nothing in our country is secure including your social security number. Just recently Del Monte was raided and in their company was 552 illegal immigrants using social security numbers that did not belong to them, who do you suppose those numbers belonged to? An American citizen, that is who. Either a child who when they get ready to apply for a job will already owe taxes, maybe even have a loan taken out in their name, may even have a few credit cards and a lot of debt. Simply because someone came into our country illegally and decided since their social security card was not being used they would borrow it.

The same thing goes for the elderly and a few dead people as well and our government knows all about this and they know whose numbers are being used and they don’t bother to tell them unless there is money owed. Then if you can prove to them that you never worked in those places they will give you a break. Innocent until proven guilty only works if you come into the country illegally. Even if you can prove that they used your card illegally if they can find a few friends to say that you loaned your card to them, they will not believe you, just ask any border patrol member behind bars because people who came into our country illegally testified against them. It is a sad revelation, but one the American people must understand and understand now.

Our leaders, the American media and a lot of the churches have decided the American people are of very little value; our concerns, our hopes and our dreams are not nearly as important as those who came here illegally to gain what we have. If you think I am being to harsh, perhaps you could explain why it is a illegal immigrant can stand in the street and demand rights that do not belong to them and they are called activists and an American citizen can hold an American flag and stand in that same street an demand our laws be enforced and they are called racists? Perhaps you could explain the difference in news coverage? Why they cover marches of illegal immigrants as though they were heroes just trying to make us understand their plight, while maybe showing one picture of an American rally and detailing anything they consider racist.

You see if it were not for a few courageous bloggers you would have never seen the picture of the American flag upside down under the Mexican flag. You would have never seen the signs saying Gringo go home or the signs saying the Americans are the immigrants and that we stole America and should give it back. If not for those who stood in the streets and met them head on you would have never known about the flag being taken down in Maywood California and being replaced by a Mexican flag, or the NBC camera man who came to an American rally with a Mexican flag fixed on his camera and laughed at the people when they asked that he at least have an American flag on the camera. He finally put it on under the Mexican flag.

You get to see the good side, the family side, the they just want to be American side simply because the businesses who want to hire these people at lower wages sponsor those news casts and they want us to be lulled into believing they only want to help us. Those of us that believe that those jobs belong to Americans are nothing more than racists, nativists and we just do not know what is good for our country. We must be taught that it is really OK for people to come here illegally, that it really isn’t that big a deal that they are stealing peoples ID left and right besides most of them aren’t using them. We must be taught that there are jobs that we Americans can’t do so that they can bring in millions legally and replace us at a lower wage. And that those who disagree are just extremist that are fear mongering.

The American people have been called names, we have been pushed and shoved around by those who are supposed to be working for us, we have been slandered by those who run the media and we have been ignored by those who believe the media and our government. We have been screaming since last year and we are still screaming today, and we will continue screaming until we have true security. We will scream until they use some of that money they plan to spend on hiring people from other countries to train our children for those jobs and fund higher education for all American children. We will scream until they spend some of that 32 trillion dollars on American workers who need training to keep up in the market place. We will scream until they understand that this is not about nativism, that we are not racist, that we are Americans and we are worried about our security…

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