This Is Ridiculous

By: Carolyn Hileman

It is me again with your nightly update on how our wonderful leaders are trying to screw us yet one more time. You would think that giving illegal aliens amnesty would be enough. You would think the dream act that pretty much assures their children get a college education at the taxpayers’ expense would be enough. Well you would be wrong. The more we delve into this Pandora’s Box the more we find that tells us that this bill was not only poorly conceived but that it promises to actually cause a quagmire in the immigration battle the likes of we could never imagine. The immigration bill being debated by the Senate would allow over two million illegal workers who received Social Security numbers prior to 2004 to receive more than $966 billion in Social Security benefits by 2040.

If Social security wasn’t broken before, look out it will be now. So let me get this straight. We are going to take out a loan from the tax payers to fund the border security efforts to the tune of 4.4 million dollars and if they can get us to buy that then we will go ahead with the 32 trillion dollar bill also funded by the taxpayers. In that bill is the chance to give illegal immigrants $996 billion dollars from social security. Yeah, I am feeling better about this already, NOT!!!

This bill will allow gang members to sign a paper stating they will be good and then become legal, it will allow child molesters to do the same and then if they just happened to have a social security card prior to 2004 we are going to give them social security. Makes sense doesn’t it? Oh and I almost forgot they are not even going to have to pay any back taxes to get any of this because they decided that it would be to much of a hardship for them to prove they paid those elusive taxes. One other thing if they can prove it would cause hardship to them or their family we won’t deport them.

It will allow those people who were deported and came back have a free pass. It will allow all of them a free pass and we get to pay for all of it. Those people who are working their butts off and still cannot afford to pay their bills, those people who can’t afford to send their own kid to college are going to pay for this. Their kids will pay for this and there grandkids will pay for this. I have been told we conservatives need to be on the same page here well I have spent enough time on this comic strip to know it is time to turn that page.

This bill is the ultimate laundry list of demands that our friends were screaming about in our streets. They left nothing out and from what I can tell added some perks for the poor illegal immigrant. Now granted I have heard they are going to double the amount of border agents, which is good because at the rate they are being prosecuted for doing their job by the time this bill passes we should have exactly the same amount we had.

Did you know that as of today that fence they promised us, that wonderful 700 mile fence is only 78 miles long, 78 and that Senator Session’s had to submit a bill to fund it not once but twice? 78 miles, that is as far as our government will go to secure our borders and protect our people. But $996 billion is just the tip of the iceberg in what they are willing to do for 12 – 20 million illegal immigrants. They keep telling us that they need this bill to keep up with who all is here and yet they can’t decide if it is 12 or 20 million illegal immigrants in our country all they can tell us is if we don’t give them what they want they will riot, well I say bring it on…

Bring it on guys, lets see what you’ve got I am tired of hearing how bad you are, show the people of the United States just how bad you are, maybe then the bleeding heart liberals won’t cry when we put you on the bus home. I have seen some crazy things that our government has done in the past and I have seen a lot of things in my life I thought I would never see. But I never ever thought I would see the day the American people would bow down to the enemy, try and pay them off all so they wouldn’t riot in our streets, this is ridiculous.

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