The Horse Isn’t Dead Yet.

By: Carolyn Hileman

I was asked earlier today just how long I plan on beating a dead horse. I told him and I am telling you that horse is not dead yet and it is threatening all of the other horses in the pasture. I will be honest with you. I got tired of the subject of illegal immigration a long time ago and it kills me to have to write these things about our President. I was once a very passionate supporter of our President and in some cases I still am. You will never convince me that going into Iraq was a mistake; I know the tax cuts were not for the wealthy, and I know that even though I disagree with him on this one issue that we are safer than we were before 9/11, I just do not know for how long.

You have to understand I believed in this man so much that I started a rally after the 2000 elections when Gore was busy counting or should I say recounting. I managed to get a few people to travel all the way down to little Lufkin Texas and stand out in the freezing cold because we believed in this man and we felt that it was important that he be in office. I have caught a lot of hell for standing up for him last year and most of this one until I heard it from his own mouth that he wanted this bill, and this bill is just plain wrong. This bill will hurt American taxpayers and reward people for coming into our country illegally and it is wrong.

It is unimaginable to those of us who supported him. Not once but twice that he would turn his back on us, but he has. It would be different if he did not know that we were against this, but he does and still he insists that this bill must be pushed through. Even though the gas prices have sky rocketed, the price of food has gone up, people are having trouble just keeping their electricity turned on, he still wants America to shoulder the burden of 12 – 20 million illegal immigrants. He wants us to pay for them to become citizens of a country they cared so little about they felt free to break the law.

He wants us to forgive them for stealing people’s IDs in order to take their jobs. I am all for forgiveness, but it stops when I find out that in addition to this they will never have to pay back taxes and that in reality their fine amounts to about $200.00 because that is all they have to pay up front to become legal. Our families are forced to struggle to pay our bills and try and get ahead while they are celebrated as the next civil rights movement. It is sickening to hear our president. The man we elected to sound just like Ted Kennedy. I have lost a lot of people I thought were my friends because of my loyalty to this man. I have spent hours writing articles bestowing the greatness of this man and he is returning that loyalty by turning his back on the very people who fought so hard to get him in office.

So I will holler; I will scream; I will expend as much energy as I spent getting him elected getting this bill and any other like it defeated. Now if you are tired of me doing this by all means don’t read it because it is not my intention to upset you, just inform you. But if just one more person reads this and calls the senate or the White House and tells them no, then I will keep right on doing what I am doing. I will keep on telling you this wrong, I will keep on telling them this is wrong simply because it is, wrong. I will keep beating, and beating every time that ugly horse raises its head simply because the horse isn’t dead yet.

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