The Answer Lies In You

By: Carolyn Hileman

If a group of white Americans pick up United States flags and start walking down the street, it will not matter if they just want to show their patriotism they will be labeled racists. If an American child wears a t-shirt with an American flag on it or carries an American flag to school, they are perceived as taunting other students and they are labeled racist. It is a sad day in American history when an American can stand in protest and be called everything but an American. If you do not like seeing your city taken over by another culture and looking like a totally new country, you are a racist. If you dislike having to press one for English, you are a racist. If you do not want your child to speak another language, you are a racist. If you patrol our borders you are a racist. If you think our borders should be secure you are a racist. Embrace that name, learn to love it, and learn to appreciate being called that because in this day and age that is the new name for American.

That is the new name for the veteran who stands at a rally to protect the country he fought for and is spit on and called a racist. That is the name of the young mother who stands there because she was told she made to much money to send her child to government sponsored pre K, however others who are not even citizens can send their children to that school, she is a racist.

The reasons that we come to this fight are different but the same. Some come because they see what they fought for dying before their very eyes. Some because they want some small piece of their country left for their children. Some come because they are tired of Americans being considered a second class citizen. Some because they see all the homeless on our streets and wonder why if we can spend this much money on people who came here illegally, why we cannot afford to shelter and feed our own people. Some are there because they are outraged at the treatment of our border patrol agents how an illegal immigrant’s testimony is more important than those who protect our border and how they give sweetheart deals to them like border passes, travel expenses and social security cards and drivers licenses to testify against the men who tried to keep them across the border. However if this upsets them it automatically makes them a racist.

It has come to the American people’s attention that just by being an American we are in fact a racist. Simply because we expect our borders to be secure, we expect our laws enforced and we expect that if you are coming to our country you will do it legally and because we expect that, we are in fact racists in their view. Anything or anyone who tries to stop them from living their American dream is a racist. If we do not welcome them with open arms and make available every resource we have we are racists. To them it is not an issue of right and wrong it is an issue of I want what you have and who are you to say I can’t have it?

Globalists will tell us that our refusal to lower our standards led to our destruction on 9/11, they will tell us how it is important to learn their ways and to adjust our standards and incorporate their cultures into our own so as not to breed hatred around the world and invite further attacks. I would say secure our borders reinstate the rule of law. When our citizens report something suspicious check it out. Stop trying to give our country away to anyone who calls them a racist. And tell the rest of the world to go to hell.

If we must live our lives governed by the rest of the world so as not to make them hate us then we must not have any prosperity because they hate us for that. We must not have borders because they hate us for that. We must not have freedom of religion because they hate us for that. In other words we must not be Americans. We must not be America, because if we are that shining beacon on the hill we will have our light shot out. I would say that we put another light in and shoot back. Others would say that we keep out that light because it is just going to cause people to see it and know they don’t have one and want to destroy it.

So the question is do we live our lives in darkness afraid of what people might think of us or do we proclaim for all the world to know that we are Americans, this is America, bought by the blood of our forefathers, built by the sweat and tears of the greatest generation and home to bravest people on the earth? The answer lies in each and every one of us every time we stand up, every time we pick up that flag and every time we hold our country sacred. The answer lies in you.

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