It Has Begun

By: Carolyn Hileman

I told you last week I believe that ATZLAN was giving out instructions on their website for phase two. This week those instructions were followed. Today American citizens were marching in LA, at Leimert Park, this event was SPONSORED BY: Choose Black America, Los Angeles and Co-sponsored by: Millennium Panthers; West Side Illegal Immigration Control. They were met by 300 people protesting against them. The American citizens had a permit for a march at the park but were stopped by the pro illegal immigrant people. At some point the LAPD was called to separate the two groups. At this point the only arrest we know of was Ted Hayes, who was rightfully there under permit. In case you do not remember phase two was civil disobedience and peaceful resistance and the LAPD backed down to these people and arrested an American citizen for exercising his right to protest.

I don’t suppose it is much of a surprise when it was not to long ago during the last Grand march that they were sent home with their tails tucked between their legs because their superiors were afraid of the backlash for doing their jobs. Still though, it makes me very angry that we allowed, and I do mean allowed, those people to march through our streets. And today we saw what many of us feared would come to pass, our own people, AMERICAN CITIZENS abandoned by the very people who were supposed to protect them and arrested even though their march was more legal than the grand march. People, if you are not mad as hell right now you are not paying attention, this is just the beginning, this will begin to happen at every single march put on by American citizens and do you want to know why? Because the LAPD just set the example.

The day an American citizen who has gone through all the channels and gotten all the permits is forbidden to march in protest is the day that they will have won and it looks like that day was today. Get out your Spanish disks; you are going to need them. We have our leaders coddling these people. We have the cops defending them against the American citizens and some how most Americans have yet to see that there is a problem? There have been people out here telling you for the last two years; we have told you so many times that even we feel like we are a broken record and you are not listening. This is not just one single incident. In Austin, Texas at the rally there last weekend during the prayers, the pledge and the singing of our National Anthem, the opposition was beating on drums, screaming FU during all of this. US Border Watch had a permit those others didn’t but were they shut down? NO!

They were allowed to march, to hold rallies, to block traffic, to have speakers, to do just about anything they wanted. Their kids were able to walk out of our schools and march. Our people can’t even have a rally without them out there screaming at them. Now suppose somebody tell me how any of this is right? Tell me how it is right for the American tax payer to have to foot the bill for the illegals to become legal, pay for their children to inhabit our schools and run up our property taxes to build bigger schools. For them to use our emergency rooms for free, demand we pay for translators at those hospitals and for translators for voting and in the police department in the schools and an American tax payer is not allowed to protest any of this? What in the hell is going on here and when is somebody, anybody going to stop this madness? LAPD only thought they had it bad the last time and they had the American citizens behind them, today they don’t have that. I hope everyone calls and emails them because I don’t know about you but I personally have had enough.

My blog the Voice was hacked not once but twice today because they don’t want me beating this drum. There is a video on Youtube detailing how not to hire an American. I have it on the Voice if you are lucky you might find it. If you are lucky and it has not been hacked again. We have Mayors throwing a fit because we are raiding workplaces and rounding up illegals. All the while they are steadily beating their drums. If you will be quiet and listen you can almost hear them. The time to make a stand is now, because if we don’t there may not be anything left to make a stand over. These people plan to take over and from where I am standing they have a pretty good foothold. They were in the secret meetings to craft this immigration bill. They had a veto. Our cops are afraid to stop them for fear of being politically incorrect. Our leaders are afraid to stop them because they might riot. And today they proved to the whole world they could stop American Citizens from marching. Get ready my friends, because it has begun.

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