Open Letter To Senators Feinstein and Boxer

By: John Lillpop

Dear Senators,

With respect to the so-called “comprehensive” immigration reform bill now before the senate, although one can quibble over the technical and legal definition of amnesty, the following description of S 1639 is irrefutable:

S 1639 would result in blanket and unconditional legalization of at least 12 million people who have ignored and violated U.S. borders and immigration laws.

That may not be within the exact definition of amnesty, but it is surely unwise, foolish, and perhaps even un-American.

America is supposed to operate under the rule of law, but S 1639 would ignore that principle of governance in order to legalize people who simply have no respect or regard for law, and who have no legal basis for being here.

In addition, America is at war, perhaps the most ferocious and dangerous struggle our freedom-loving republic has ever encountered.

Of the 12 million or more illegal aliens currently here, how many are terrorists who harbor the goal of killing millions of innocent Americans?

How prudent is it to assume that there are no terrorists among those millions of illegal aliens? Has America reached the point where access to cheap labor is more important than homeland security?

S 1639 would legalize 12 million illegal aliens whom the federal government knows absolutely nothing about.

America simply cannot afford such a reckless and irresponsible policy in the name of “comprehensive” reform.

Please vote NO on cloture for this ill advised and very dangerous legislation.

Thank you.


John W Lillpop
San Jose, Ca

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