Mr. President, Your Helicopter is Ready!

By: John Lillpop

Once the exclusive domain of leftist tweets like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, anti-war sentiment is spreading like wildfire into the camps of mainstream, respectable Republicans.

The latest senators to weigh in against the Bush surge are Sen. George Voinovich, R-Ohio and Sen. Richard Lugar of Indiana, both of whom are now on record as stating publicly that America needs to begin disengaging from the war in Iraq.

In addition, Republican members of the U.S. House have warned Bush that his idiotic and wrongheaded advocacy of amnesty for 12-30 million criminals may cause him to lose support for the war in the People’s House.

With his presidency in shambles and his legacy as “The worst president in American history” all but set in concrete, is it not time for the president to face reality and spare the nation and the world 18 more months of grief?

From the disastrous war in Iraq, to the total and complete abandonment of border security and immigration law enforcement at home, to out of control spending resulting in trillions of dollars in debt being dumped on the backs of future generations, and to inept and foolish mismanagement of foreign relations that has united the world against America, George W. Bush has done enough damage to America.

In 1974, America was confronted with a rascal in the White House by the name of Richard M. Nixon. For all his faults, Nixon was generally regard as an intelligent and capable man, unlike W-43.

Unfortunately, Nixon was also a despicable crook.

But in 1974, the Republican party was blessed to have a few leaders with cajones and a passion for America. Those noble Republicans walked into the White House at an appropriate time and let Nixon know that his time has elapsed and that, in the interests of the nation and himself, it was time to go.

To his credit, Richard M. Nixon did the honorable thing by resigning the presidency. On August 9, 1974, President Nixon boarded a U.S. helicopter on the lawn of the White House and began his way home to California.

America was grateful for the fact that our “national nightmare was over” and the healing process began immediately.

Today’s challenge: Are there are any Republican senators and or house members with cajones?

America needs three of four patriots to deliver a Nixon-like message to George W. Bush namely, “Mr. President, Your Helicopter is Ready!”

By leaving now, Mr. Bush can accomplish the most noble and patriotic act of his presidency.

And America can begin healing.


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