Things You Need To Know Right Now

By: Carolyn Hileman

In 1996 Osama Bin Laden declared war on the United States of America. In 1999, Americans watched with little interest as an ABC reporter had an interview with this same man and again he declared war on the United States. We ignored his declaration and within a few years he carried out his threats. We were told then that there were sleeper cells through out the United States and that all they were doing was biding their time until they received their instructions and they would strike at us once again. Now we have a group called ATZLAN, who has sworn solidarity with Palestine in their struggle with Israel; who on their website ( have made it very clear that the immigrant movement has nothing to do with amnesty but it has everything to do with getting back what they call their land.

Not unlike the Palestinians they are in solidarity with, they believe that they were cheated out of their land. They do not care about treaties or any payments made to the Mexican government. They truly believe that parts of America belong to them. They have issued instructions to their members to engage in civil disobedience and so called peaceful resistance. However, it would appear yesterday since the rally in LA was brought to a screeching halt for the American citizens because the other side had threatened violence that peace will not be part of their instructions after all. I am sure that all of you are aware of what the Palestinians do in order to get the land that they claim as theirs; blowing up malls, busses, other things and people to get what they think belongs to them. But I am not sure you fully understand what a group of sympathizers who believe that Americans have stolen their land will do.

I believe the so called phase two is in fact their declaration of war and that no one in America is safe until this group is dealt with. The problem is, they are being passed off as just hard working immigrants, people who have just been stepped on by we greedy Americans and that is only adding fuel to their fire. Make no mistake about it, these people honestly believe we stole their land. They are teaching their children this in special schools funded by guess who; the very people they have declared war against. Their heroes include people like Hugo Chavez. They herald the bombing in Mexico city because they did not like the president that was elected and these are the people who are most prevalent in these marches; them and the Communists and ANSWER which is an open border group and they want our country. Not all of it of course, just what they think belongs to them like Texas, California and Arizona.

Peaceful resistance is what they have written on their website, this is what one of them said. Civil rights leader Najee Ali, who supported the pro-immigration ralliers, commended the department’s handling of crowd control, and said he noticed a positive change different from what was seen at MacArthur Park.

He said a “mini-riot” would have erupted if police had allowed Ted Hayes’ group to enter the park, where counter-protesters had mobilized.

“The way they handled hundreds of protesters, they were able to keep the peace by not enforcing the legal permit,” Ali said. Now tell me does that sound like just hard working people looking to better their lives or does that sound like an open threat that if we do not stop American marches they will riot.

So what they are saying is if we don’t pass this immigration bill, if we don’t give them the land they claim is theirs, they will in fact riot. They are making it very, very clear that this is a declaration of war and one we had better not ignore. With statements like this and those on the ATZLAN website one has to wonder why our government has not stopped these people. John McCain said it best when he said if we don’t give them what they want they might riot. And they have been working their way towards that goal every since. If we do not stop these people now, stop this bill, they will start to feel emboldened. They will start to believe we are nothing but paper tigers and they will use the tactics of their mentors the Palestinians and for years we will be left to wonder if it is safe to go to the store because there might be a suicide bomber there.

Another thing you might wish to think about, and I suggest you think really hard about this; Palestinians send children about the age of thirteen to stores with bombs attached to their bodies and at present we are hosting a lot of illegal immigrant children in our schools. These children proved during the first grand march they are willing to follow that movement by walking out of the schools and down our streets. What else are they willing to do to support the cause? What are they carrying in their backpacks, band cases, lunch boxes and just where and when will they use it? While I am sure there are a lot of the illegal immigrants who are just here to work, among them are potential time bombs just waiting for the right moment to go off. It is not my intention to scare you; simply to state the facts. These are things you need to know right now

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