By: Carolyn Hileman

Freedom; what a wonderful word, what a wonderful concept. We all assume we are free, but are we? Are we truly free to express our viewpoint without fear of repercussion, or intimidation? We are if we say the right things, if we go along with the crowd, if we are mind numbed robots, but then I suppose we are not truly free. Our government allows us freedom of speech only if we are speaking the words they wish to hear. If they do not wish to hear it, then they have ways of shutting us up. One recent way a lot of us learned was to call us names and make the insinuation that we are just ignorant. Be honest here Bush people, it has been coming from both sides of the isle and the White House, not just the Democrats.

Trent Lott, who really just needs to keep his mouth closed, has already said something needs to be done about talk radio. Why? Because talk radio has been beating the drum about this scam of an immigration bill. Before it was just the Democrats wishing to shut us up, but when the conservative talk show hosts started speaking up suddenly our conservative leaders didn’t like talk radio any more. Then we have the websites and the blogs that have been hammering this issue and a lot of us have been hit as a matter of fact I was hit again today. But that my friends is our real freedom, the freedom to be knocked down and still get back up to fight yet another day. Yes, it is frustrating to have to keep going back and fixing the thing over and over again knowing they are waiting for me to take the slightest break and hit me again. But you know what; along with that frustration is a sense of pride that I was able to fight just one more day.

There are some people out there who really do not want you to have the information that you are getting from the blogs and talk radio. They do not want you to know that this week they planed to sell out our government and I think I know why. They are ashamed. They know what they were doing was not right, they know that it would hurt the American taxpayer and they know we had every right to be angry. But they wanted to tow the party line, they wanted to be liked among their coworkers. They don’t have to face us every day but they do them and they wanted to be liked so they planed to sell us out so they can gain favor in the Senate so maybe when they die someone will say something nice about them. But while they were vying for favoritism in the Senate they were ignoring the wishes of the people and some of us are dead set on telling the American people, and we will not be stopped.

You see while I may be a Bush supporter I am much more of an American supporter. Maybe because I don’t have all those luxuries they have. Maybe because I know what it feels like to pinch a penny so hard it screams for help. It could be that I know the dread that fills every single parent’s hearts at the beginning of school, when you have to buy the teacher’s wish list, the most stylish clothes and somehow afford groceries for that week. Or maybe it is because I know what it is like to wait till your gas tank is on E before buying gas because you are hoping it will go down just another nickel before you have to pay for the gas. I know that we have been taxed to death already; I know we simply cannot keep donating to what ever the governments’ newest cause is. And I know it makes me angry that they want to tax us even more so they can allow 15 -20 million illegal immigrants to be legal.

We have talked about the money, we have talked about the legality and we have talked at length about the fact that open borders allow terrorists to walk freely among us. But the one thing that really bothers me and I am betting it bothers you as well, is we are expected to be good little Americans and pay our taxes and not ask where that money is going; just obey the law and pay it, while they are sitting up there in their nice air conditioned offices with their thousand dollars paintings discussing how they can possibly get the American taxpayers to agree to pay for people who have yet to follow any law to become legal. That just about covers it doesn’t it? That just about sums up our anger and disdain for these people right now, it raises the hair on the back of the neck, to hear them talk about how disadvantaged these people are, how it is such a hardship for them to do something legal for a change. How if we don’t give them absolute privacy they may never come out of the shadows. And it scares the hell out of us when you hear these people going around talking about how if we legalize all these people we will be safer, we will know who is in the shadows, we will know what they plan to do.

If that does not scare you, nothing will, that is like saying if we just don’t press charges on a terrorist he will just go away. What I would really like to know is why if the senate passed a bill last year to build 700 miles of fence we must legalize 15 -20 million illegal immigrants to get the funding to build it, and why is only 78 miles of fence built? Why is it that Teddy Kennedy can get up there and give an impassioned speech about these poor hard working immigrants and has never once said anything about the poor hard working Americans that he wants to pay for this? And I want to know when the American people will be allowed true freedom?

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