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June 30, 2007

Obey Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment

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Ronald Reagan’s 11th commandment is as sacred as the first 10…”Thou shalt not speak ill of any other republican.” Yes, moderates and right wingers can have our healthy disagreements. That makes us an intellectually stronger party than the democrats, which …

The Rotten Apples — Why Public Schools Are NOT Accountable To Parents

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Here’s another argument that public-school bureaucrats use to “justify” their monopoly control over our children’s minds and lives. They claim that we cannot trust the free-market to educate our children because too many free-market (private) schools are greedy for profits, …

America needs another Ronald Reagan..

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The closer we approach the 2008 elections, the more I realize America needs another Ronald Reagan. Someone everyone knows, someone everyone likes, someone who is conservative and someone who can both win the election and manage to hold the Presidency …

Open Letter to Senate Majority Leader Reid

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In 1993, America was overwhelmed by millions of aliens who defied our borders and immigration laws and came here unlawfully. As a responsible steward of the United States Constitution and a dedicated patriot at the time, on August 5, …

The Disgrace of the Duke 88

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The three lacrosse players have been declared innocent, Duke University has agreed to a multi-million dollar settlement, and Michael Nifong’s law license has been yanked. But unfinished business remains. Three weeks after Crystal Gail Mangum made her false allegations …