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June 25, 2007

We Should be More ‘British’ Says Tory Cameron – So Should Americans!

Filed under: American Society & Heritage - 25 Jun 2007

Several years ago, I wrote an article in which I urged our school systems to teach Americanism so that we could reestablish our American culture. I remember several letters scolding me for this notion, but I got far more agreeing …

Just Say “NO” to Bush And Amnesty

Perceptive conservatives have long seen this train wreck coming. Back in 1999 and 2000, the conservative base along with Republicans in general were so gripped by fear of a Gore presidency that they were willing to temporarily overlook some ominous …

The Price Is Wrong, Rosie

Filed under: Politics In General - 25 Jun 2007

The mean-mouthed, lesbian bully who made the ABC daytime gabfest The View her own talking-points memo is now pressuring CBS Television to give her a shot at hosting a hit game show. According to the Los Angeles Times, the …

June 24, 2007

Illegal Aliens: What Shadows?

Filed under: Immigration - 24 Jun 2007

Those who favor amnesty for the 12-30 million illegal aliens currently in the United States have fashioned a new plea for sympathy that goes something like this: Let’s make illegal aliens LEGAL, so they will no longer have to live …

The Answer Lies In You

Filed under: American Society & Heritage,Immigration - 24 Jun 2007

If a group of white Americans pick up United States flags and start walking down the street, it will not matter if they just want to show their patriotism they will be labeled racists. If an American child wears a …

Fred Thompson–From The King Of The Hill To The White House

Filed under: The Republicans - 24 Jun 2007

While politicians aiming to reach the White House often engage in a courtship with all things connected to television, it is less talked about how much television mimics the White House. While shows like the West Wing do this directly, …

The Eco-Radicals’ Real Motives

Filed under: Radical Environmentalism - 24 Jun 2007

The driving force behind the eco-radicals’ fierce efforts to strangle the free market with environmental regulations is their virulent hatred for a free, prosperous economy. Yet behind this hatred is an even deeper one. To understand why they …

But Whitey Started It!

I had a tremendously interesting experience early last week when I appeared on a media venue broadcasted out of the Northeastern U.S. It was a Christian-leaning afrocentric radio station with a blowtorch of a signal that reaches from Ontario to …

June 23, 2007

Judicial Watch Fingers Congresswoman Virginia Foxx

Filed under: American Government,The Republicans - 23 Jun 2007

While posing as a diehard conservative, Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC) was fingered by well-known watchdog group Judicial Watch for a $550,000 allocation hidden in a transportation bill that would fund an obscure North Carolina teapot museum.

European Anti American Rage – Why Now

Filed under: Religion & Faith - 23 Jun 2007

According to travel specialist Americans now travel to Europe by a whopping 25 percent less than four years ago. General disdain for Americans has gotten confrontational and tourist now have epithets hurled at them, are spat on and in some …

Quiz on Illegal Immigration

Filed under: Immigration - 23 Jun 2007

With the debate over illegal immigration heating up again, here is a quiz to measure one’s liberal quotient on this vital issue. Liberal quotient, of course, is the exact opposite of ”intelligence quotient.”

Can America Survive Evolutionary Humanism?

Filed under: American Society & Heritage,Religion & Faith - 23 Jun 2007

In addition to original Darwinism, today there are two other versions of evolutionary theory: punctuated equilibrium, and neo-Darwinism, a revamped version of the original Darwinism. No matter the variant though, evolution serves as the creation myth for the theological …

The Horse Isn’t Dead Yet.

Filed under: Immigration - 23 Jun 2007

I was asked earlier today just how long I plan on beating a dead horse. I told him and I am telling you that horse is not dead yet and it is threatening all of the other horses in …

On Immigration: Take Our Freedoms, Please!

Filed under: Immigration - 23 Jun 2007

I’m glad immigration is in the news these days. I love when people start discussing immigration. No other topic does a better job of popping the veins in Bill O’Reilly’s forehead. It’s amazing how rarely we frame this debate …

The Great Depression Revisited

Labor unions are icons of the liberal-Progressives, who apotheosized them in the New Deal during the Great Depression. In addition to the primary status of unions in the Marxian labor theory of value, labor unions have been unfailing vote-getting allies …

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