The Power of One

By: Carolyn Hileman

Joe can go back to tending his garden properly; Jenny can pick up the needlepoint all over again. All over America today the American people are breathing a sigh of relief and starting to resume their lives. We won another battle to keep our country strong. We fought back the foes who would sell out our country and we did so with such heat and enthusiasm that we shut down the Senate phones because so many Americans dropped what they were doing and stood up to the government and told them you work for us. This is proud day, a momentous day, a day that will live in the minds of the American people who took part in this debate for years. We the people spoke and we the people made them listen and we will be watching to make sure they do not try and push another bill like this through again.

They can blame it on the talk shows, they can blame it on the blogs, but the fact of the matter is each and every phone call they received was by one person. One person who picked up a phone, one person who dialed the numbers, one person who wrote the emails and sent them and that one person is you and I don’t think you have much of a problem taking the blame for saving your country. They called you a racist, they called you an elitist, they called you a simpleton, they called you a nativist, they called you an obstructionist, but they forgot to call you an American and when they did, you picked up that phone to remind them that you are an American. It is actually kind of funny because those people who marched in our streets marched under the banner of the giant that has awakened, but you see our giant hasn’t taken a siesta since 9/11 and we were ready to do a little fighting on our own.

Be proud of yourself today, enjoy what you were able to accomplish, yes you and you and you. Because without that one person, that one phone call or series of phone calls none of this would have ever happened. Yes, I know there were a lot of us out there trying to motivate, push and shove the people. But it was the people, it was not the talk shows, it was not the blogs, your favorite writers or anyone else who picked up that phone for you it was you and if this does not tell you that one person can make a difference I really do not know what will. Ladies and gentlemen you have just witnessed the power of one.

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