21 Questions CNN Should Qsk the Democrats

By: Eric Golub

Now that the Communist News Network has had their dream debate where they asked liberally biased questions designed to maximize criticism of President Bush, it is time to provide them with a list of similar questions for them to ask the democrats.

Before this is done, I would again like to remind the republican candidates to stop taking the media bait, and knock off the Bush bashing. It will not work in the general election. Some of you may be media darlings now, but you cannot out-liberal liberals, and the media will turn on you like rabid dogs, and use your words against you. You are inextricably and forever linked to President Bush, and must remember that many people, especially republicans, personally like him. Act like republicans, obey Reagan’s 11th commandments, and stop being so eager to separate yourself from the President. He is down in the polls right now, but a lot can change in a year. Just ask George Bush Senior, who was on a losing path in 1987 when Ronald Reagan was under siege.

Ok, CNN, let’s see if you even have the ability to be fair. Here are the questions the democrats should be forced to answer in the interest of fairness.

1) Terrorist attacks were committed against Americans while Bill Clinton was President. What were the biggest mistakes Bill Clinton made?

2) Would you support an independent counsel and/or a congressional investigation into the matter of why Sandy Berger stole classified documents from the National Archives?

3) Al Queda leaders have stated that Iraq is a central front in the War on Terror. Why do you believe otherwise?

4) You all state that it is fact that Saddam had no WMDs. Israeli intelligence officials, among the best in the world, believe they are hidden in Syria. Do you believe this is possible, or do you doubt the Israeli intelligence reports?

5) Are you open to Pre-emptive strikes against Iran and Syria, with all options including a nuclear strike on the table?

6) Are you in favor of a unilateral mission into Darfur in Sudan, which could involve nationbuilding? If so, why not favor this in Iraq?

7) Would you be willing to shame Muslim countries into helping the people of Darfur, given that a billion Muslims can be a force for good and relieve Muslim suffering?

8) Are you willing to either repeal McCain-Feingold, or close the loophole that allows 527s, which are mostly liberal organziations funded by George Soros, from breaking the rules?

9) The areas with the strictest gun control laws have the highest crime rates, and vice versa. Why is this? What will you do to fix this problem?

10) Should crimes committed by people who hate fat people, short people, autistic people, bald people or white conservative evangelicals be considered hate crimes? How does one constitute what groups deserve hate crime protection?

11) Should the death penalty be expanded to include rape crimes?

12) Democrats and Republicans in Alaska support oil drilling in Alaska. How many of you have been to Alaska, and why not listen to the people who live there and know their land best?

13) Oil companies are making record profits, but no evidence of gouging exists. Vladimir Putin broke up Yukos Oil and confiscated their profits. How would your approach to taking their profits or mandating what they do with them be different?

14) All politicians claim to support Israel. Are you willing to give Israel a free hand the way George Bush did with Ariel Sharon? Or will you force them to the negotiating table against their will as was done in 2000?

15) The Geneva convention states that when a religious institution is used for illegal purposes, such as terrorists hiding weapons in Mosques, it loses its protected status. If you know Osama Bin Laden is hiding in a Mosque with weapons, are you willing to blow up the Mosque?

16) North Korea violated the 1994 agreement negotiated under Bill Clinton. What safeguards can be put in to make sure that future agreements are honored? Can this be done, and if so, how?

17) The economy today by most objective economists is doing fabulous. What credit if any do you give to the current administration?

18) The politics of personal destruction have been directed at Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. In general, can you name 3 things you agree with George W. Bush about, and can you name anything you like about him personally?

19) What are your liberal credentials? Are you proud to be a liberal, and if so, why?

20) In Minnesota, Muslim cab drivers were refusing to carry passengers carrying alcohol. Is this an attempt to enforce Sharia Law in a part of the United States, and how will you prevent it?

21) Do you believe students should have the right to organize prayer groups on public school grounds? If 20 students want to go to a private room during lunch break or recess and have a prayer service, are you ok with that? Can a teacher lead the service?

These questions will most likely never be asked, because that would involve CNN removing itself as an appendage of the democratic party. I would state which appendage, but given that we are talking about democrats, donkeys is as donkeys does.


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