Schumer and Pelosi Tell All

By: Lee Kent Hempfling

While “progressive bloggers” continued their morning instruction sessions with Democrat congressional ‘pawns’, Nancy Pelosi, in the ‘head session’ of Friday June 29 said, “The American people really don’t even know the half of it…” (06/29/07) The half of what? I’ve been rather amused that DU’s children have not jumped on the half they don’t even know. No one is questioning why their fearless leader in the House is claiming she has more information on the deeds of the Administration but hasn’t told anyone yet. Now, does that make sense to you? If Pelosi had dirt on George W. Bush do you think for one moment she would hold it back? Do you think she would pass up a perfect opportunity to stroke her bosses? Absolutely not.

But let’s not forget the Senate. When The Vice President’s office pushed the notion that could only be induced by a Democrat to be a ‘fourth branch of government’ (on account it was the only thing they could think of that wasn’t what they were used to), good ol’ Chuck Humor, I mean Schumer (he’s from New York) opened his mouth without thinking as well: “The vice president doesn’t know what branch of government he’s in, the president doesn’t know what the Constitution is, and the people don’t know what the heck is going on.” (06/28/2007)

Two comments said in frustration, that when combined mean what they mean: “The American people really don’t even know the half of it… and the people don’t know what the heck is going on.”

So I wonder what it is that both Sorosites are speaking about. Just exactly who’s business is the congress set about doing these days? The people’s? The rebellion’s? The members of congress themselves? Is ‘oversight’ being used as espionage? Or is it the opposite? Do the Democrats have so much and so damning a collection of hard non-circumstantial evidence as to bring about their desired impeachment proceedings and they are just not telling anyone so they can do something more important beforehand? Like increase their wages. Makes one wonder.

Didn’t Nancy and Chuck remember the words of Ronald Reagan? “When you can’t make them see the light, make them feel the heat.” If they have information the country should know about they should cough it up, now: not after all the demonizing and politically corrupt hearings.

Way back in April (the 18th to be exact) while Chuck was pushing the demonization of Alberto Gonzales, he remarked on the forebodingness of Alberto Gonzales’ reasons for removing Presidentially appointed, term expired United States Attorneys and stated: “What is the real reason? And why don’t people want to talk about the real reason if it was perfectly legitimate?” So Chuck. What is the real reason you think the people don’t know “what the heck is going on?” What is the real reason, “the American people really don’t even know the half of it…?” Is that real reason legitimate or not?

Why then, with Schumer and Pelosi knowing so much, has John Conyers been unable to dig up the whazzup on their own, and have resorted to calling for the loyal to divulge what they know in an on line form of all things? They call that whistle blowing. On May 17 Schumer remarked to some reporters: “It seems the only person who has confidence in the attorney general is President Bush.” Now, it would seem the only persons who have confidence in what the people do not know are Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. Or is it that the people are not supposed to know and the non-thinking emotional frustration that caused both persons to blurt out tale-telling phrases, hides a much deeper issue?

Speaking of that: get ready for the rest of the presentation of ‘The Summer of 07′ play as has predicted. More demonization, more threats and intimidation and more racketeering/protection/extortion rackets like the one recently pulled on Ed Basha, of Basha’s Grocery in Phoenix. Hit with a letter demanding he stop supporting ‘anti-immigrant conservative talk radio ‘. Basha was literally threatened with a boycott if he did not stop buying ads on KFYI and if he did not place a full page ad in the Arizona Republic on a Sunday disavowing any affiliation with ‘anti-immigrant conservative talk radio’.

PHOENIX June 28, 2007 — We begin in Phoenix and today we send our emails across the United States requesting other organizations join with Hispanic News in beginning a national boycott of anti-immigrant conservative talk radio sponsors. We are Phoenix based and begin with identifying the number one anti Hispanic radio station in the Phoenix area: 550 KFYI. The radio station daily carries national radio talk hosts and also has a local section which features J.D. Hayworth, a former Scottsdale congressman known for his anti Hispanic migrant rhetoric who lost his reelection bid. We begin with Bashas, an Arizona grocer who owns Food City which is where Arizona Hispanics buy their food and other store merchandize. Hispanics make up upwards of 98% of consumers at Food City stores located throughout Arizona.” Why hasn’t the Justice Department already indicted or better yet, convicted the thugs?

Of course Alberto Gonzales said he would “sprint to the finish line” on June 1 and then that he was “sprinting to the finish line” on June 11 and here we are facing the anniversary of our nation in July: he’s either out of breath by now or a good reason for heat.

And then there’s that issue of Habeas Corpus getting underway by the rebellion. Terrorists who want to kill the children, as well as the mature, can’t be what the movement to ‘restore’ it is all about.

Is it a race against time or a race against evidence? Perhaps both. But one thing is for sure: a horse-slappin’, spur kickin’ party is on the horizon (with apologies to the equine). Chuck and Nancy won’t tell you about that, though.

So I think it behooves me to offer a bit of friendly suggestion to the children of DemocraticUnderground; ThinkProgress; MoveOn; TalkingPointsMemo; FireDogLake; The Huffington Post and MediaWatch: if ewe were about to take part in a hoedown, wouldn’t ewe want to know if ewe were on the menu?

It just seems to me that the only people feeling any heat at the moment are the people who emotionally react, and announce in frustration that half of what is going on is unknown. That says a lot.

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