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July 5, 2007

Democrat Presidential Hopefuls Slow to “Get It” On Amnesty

Filed under: The Democrats - 05 Jul 2007

Most people understand that liberals are slow learners who appear to have been born that way, destined by DNA and complex genetic configurations to live in denial, delusion, and deceit. Even so, today’s crop of liberal presidential candidates seems …

Hijacker Update

Filed under: Immigration - 05 Jul 2007

Jim Gilchrist, the President and Founder of the Minuteman Project, scored a significant win in Superior Court recently. The Honorable Randell L. Wilkinson handed down a concise and thorough decision on June 6th against Marvin Stewart, Deborah Ann Peterson, …

How Do You Say “Equal Time” In Spanish?

Filed under: Immigration - 05 Jul 2007

Leftist politicians keen on reinstating a “Fairness Doctrine” clearly have their sights set on Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Sean Hannity and other right-wing luminaries. But once liberals open that particular can of worms, they may be less than thrilled …

Alamaba Free Militia Member Pleads Guilty In Federal Court

Filed under: Second Amendment - 05 Jul 2007

Bonnell Hughes, 57, of Crossville, Alabama, entered a guilty plea to eight counts of a federal indictment. Hughes was one of six men indicted in May 2007 in connection with an explosives recovery in Northeast Alabama. “Hughes, who held …

Pained by Numbers

Filed under: Featured Conservative,Politics In General - 05 Jul 2007

If you’ve been watching the media lately (and I know you have been because I’ve put little cameras in your living room), you’ve heard a lot about President Bush’s approval ratings being in the 20-30% range for a while now. …