Colonel David Hunt & the JFK Plot–They Still Just Don’t Get It.

By: Eric Golub

I have done everything I can as a private citizen to help America in my own small way win the War on Terror. In his book, “They just don’t get it,” Colonel David Hunt, the retired military analyst for Fox News, outlines the problems we face, and what we can do about them. His book, like his personality, is a battering ram, a needed belt to the chops. This gruff former marine puts aside political correctness and tells us exactly what we need to do to eventually win this war.

First of all, we have to get mad. Then we have to stay mad. Many people turn off the television when they see images of 9/11, preferring to watch Paris Hilton or Anna Nicole Smith coverage. I watch it, and I still well up with rage when I see 9/11 coverage. Who the hell did these animals think they were? How dare they try to blow up my nation. If we do not love and desire to protect our nation as we would our family, is it no wonder our nation would weaken? We need to be part of the solution, and it starts with getting fired up about fiercely cherishing and protecting our homeland.

The US military does a spectacular job. We need to let them do it, and without restrictions or touchy feely politically correct concerns. Unless you have boots on the ground or lived in a foxhole, you have nothing to carp about. When I need somebody to drive a humvee over a bridge and into a lake or ditch, I will consult Ted Kennedy, since that seems to be his area of expertise. Nancy Pelosi needs to spend more time in San Francisco and less time in Damascus. When I hear liberals say they support the troops and want to bring them home, I want to scream Colonel Hunt style “You just don’t get it.” Until liberals realize that Islamofacism is the enemy, and not George W. Bush, they won’t get it.

I talk to soldiers. My travels to places with military presences such as Honolulu and San Diego allows me to ask soldiers what they think. Many have been to Afghanistan and Iraq, and they support and believe in what they are doing by an overwhelming margin. On Memorial Day, a young man just back from his 3rd tour of duty was asked in front of his mother what Americans can do to help. He said that while care packages were nice, the best gift the American people could give the soldiers was their unwavering support and total belief in the mission. That is not ambiguous. Unwavering support and total belief do not add up to withdrawal, retreat, and defeat. “These colors don’t run,” is not a slogan. It is how our troops behave. Private citizens need to back them.

We need to stop fighting polite wars. We need to stop apologizing just because the Jayson Blair Times hates President Bush more than they are love our troops. Abu Gharaib and Haditha were nothing. That’s right, I said nothing. Rougher hijinks can be found at college fraternity initiation ceremonies. The enemy beheads people. We make them feel bad and hurt their feelings, and we get criticized.

We need to name the enemy.The War on Terror is a War on Islamofacism. It is a religious war. Those who wage Jihad have been bitter since the Crusades, and they need to be humiliated even more this time. We do not need to fight a more sensitive war, as John “anti-war protester” Kerry would prefer. We need to fight a more ruthless, cutthroat war.

When our soldiers have the chance to take out an entire town, we cannot have politicians be afraid that “collateral damage” would look bad on the nightly news. If people want to avoid being collateral damage, get the hell out of the war zone. We are afraid to blow up Mosques because that would be seen as anti-Muslim. Wrong. Under the Geneva Convention, which terrorists do not seem to abide by anyway, when a Mosque is used for criminal activity, it loses its protected status. If terrorists are holed up in a Mosque with weapons and battle plans, blow up the Mosque since it will save innocent lives. We can always rebuild another one, but the goal is to kill the terrorists. Most decent Muslims understand that terrorists who seek refuge in Mosques do damage to the Mosques anyway. Guns are forbidden in a Mosque to begin with.

Also, is there any city in Iraq that is not a “holy” city? When we damage enough holy cities, these monsters might decide to stop thinking that they can hide in the remaining holy cities and fire at us indiscriminately. New York City was a holy city to me. We should have pounded Fallujah the first time, and stopped worrying about public relations.

We have to immediately commence profiling. Now while sending the ACLU to Guantanamo Bay until this war ends is tempting, a simpler solution would be to simply overpower them. Stop donating money to them until they get it. Cut off their budget. Then commence profiling. Not all Arabs and Muslims are terrorists, but virtually all terrorists are Arab Muslims, mostly young single male Arab Muslims. Do we really need to delay my plane flight so that we can search 86 year old Etta Mae Johnson, retired librarian from Hattiesburg, Mississippi? Does her knitting apparel really need to be confiscated? As a Jewish man, I am asked to remove my black hat sometimes (consistency would be nice), but Arab Muslims are not required to remove their turbans. This is nuts.

We need to stop being politically correct. The Danish cartoons were deadly accurate. They should be published repeatedly. Will it anger Arab terrorists? Yes, and water is wet. So what? Everything angers Arab terrorists. We need to give them repeated helpings of “get over it.”

We need to understand that this is not a battle far away. Today some Arab Muslims tried to blow up JFK. For those who still don’t get it, they tried to reduce a major US airport to rubble, just as they did the World Trade Center towers. These animals were homegrown. However, they needed help from overseas. The plot was foiled, but how many plots need to be foiled before we realize that they still want to kill us?

Colonel Hunt, I will do my part. Last year on 9/11, I took a flight from LAX to Oakland. One week before that I flew to New York. This year, on 9/11 of 2007, a Tuesday, I will be flying straight into JFK. I will be in the air at 8:46am. This is my way of telling the terrorists to go f*ck themselves. They cannot stop me from getting on that plane. All I ask is that everybody else fulfill their responsibilities as well. Airport security needs to step it up. Military leaders need to support their soldiers. Politicians need to shut up and get out of the way. Those who are disgusted by anti-war protesters need to shout them down. They are bullies, and when hit between the eyes, will retreat. That is what separates them from American soldiers, who conduct themselves with dignity on and off the battlefield.

What can we do to win the War on Islamofacism? As Colonel Hunt says, we have to start by “Getting it.” We have to know who the enemy is. Our soldiers have to go after them with overwhelming brute force. Our politicians and military leaders have to support them. Private citizens have to get mad, stay mad, and provide unwavering support. When you see soldiers, thank them. Tell them “thank you, and welcome home.” Tell them you support their mission. If you do not, then you will never get it.

I get it Colonel Hunt. The War on Islamofacism reached JFK Airport today. Luckily, it was foiled. This will be a long hard struggle, and we need to be prepared to either win all out, or go home. Our military needs to be allowed to do what it does best…kill terrorists, destroy their hideouts, burn their villages, and break their wills. Force works, and the only solution is a military solution. The troops have my overwhelming support. They will get the job done, and get it done right, provided that those in the way get out of the way and get it.

I am burning with rage over 9/11 and the JFK plot. I will be angry until I get on that plane to JFK on 9/11 of 2007. When I touch down, I will go to ground zero and drive a stake through the pictures of the bad guys’ hearts, and pray that my US soldiers do the same in real life. I know they eventually will. They clearly get it.


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