I’m Tired

By: Carolyn Hileman

I’m tired of living on the promises of yesteryear; tired of believing there will ever be real enforcement here. We have laws people have chosen to ignore and we have more people than we’ve ever had before. We can’t call them illegal, can’t call them criminals, we are not supposed to raid them at work, they don’t want us to raid them at home and we have people who are actually telling us that because of these raids they are having to resort to using fraudulent documents. And I am just tired, tired of all the lies, the innuendos, accusations, class divisions and just about everything else at this point, I am tired.

I am tired of people in my own government calling me names yet getting offended when we call an illegal immigrant a criminal. I am tired of hearing we can’t control our borders unless we allow 12- 20 million illegal immigrants amnesty. I am tired of being told we can’t defend our country without bowing down to the enemy, and I am sick and tired of being told that by people who are supposed to be Americans. I am tired of sanctuary cities and those people in them who honestly believe that because they declared themselves a sanctuary they are above the law, I am tired. I am tired of reading threats not even veiled threats to our economy, our people and no one bothering to do anything about it. You and I both know if we were to threaten any of these things we would have the FBI on our doorstep in a heartbeat. I am tired.

I am tired of hearing about their nonexistent right to freedom of speech; I am tired of hearing it is their right to march in my streets, even though they are here illegally. I am tired of Americans who get their permits, who set up their rallies and marches legally being shouted down by people who did not do those things and our law officers not bothering to act. I am tired of American citizens not being allowed to march on a park because the other side threatened violence and the chief of police in LA is a big wimp. I am sorry but if they threaten to riot lock their butts up, end of story I really don’t care what the press says. I am tired of working my butt off to kill a bill only to have it resurrected and called a different name and I am tired of hearing that after going through all of that they are still talking about bringing back parts of it. Or better yet a whole new plan to pay them to leave, excuse me while I scream, NO PAY, NO WAY!!! I feel better now, but I am still tired.

This new plan supposedly being looked at in congress would pay adults $1000.00 and children $500.00 to go home, give me a break will you how much will that one cost us, you know the American taxpayers? I am tired of all their grand plans to give the illegals something for breaking our laws. I am tired of hearing Teddy the swimmer Kennedy get up and preach to us about how bad they have it here and I have one answer for them, the road you came in on goes both ways. We did not invite you here some greedy employers did, we did not ask you to stay, some greedy employers did, and we are not about to give you amnesty some greedy lawmakers will. The people up in Washington need to hear us loud and clear we want our borders secure and no we do not have to allow 12 – 20 million amnesty to get it, these are our tax dollars they are spending and it is high time they did something we Americans want done without adding their pet projects to it. As for the farmers and corporations looking to cheat and save a couple of bucks, if you do not want the American people to boycott you and anything you are selling you might want to fire those illegal immigrants and start hiring Americans, we have heard your lame excuses and they do not work anymore.

If you do not wish to be raided then might we suggest that you stop hiring illegal immigrants, fire the ones you have and stop trying to defraud the people of America. You made your wealth because of the people of America and we will not stand by and allow you to hire illegal immigrants while our very own people go without, it does not work that way. As for the illegal immigrant, if America is so bad and Mexico is so much better feel free to start walking back I can assure you will not be stopped. However, if you chose to stay here illegally do not start whining when ICE come to call, this is America, those are law enforcement of America and they are doing their job, and we really do not care if you like it. Members of ATZLAN, Mexica movement and what ever group you belong to know this, we consider your threats to our economy and our people a terrorist threat and you will be reported to Homeland security and we will DEMAND that you be dealt with. Because the American people are tired, we are tired of hearing your threats when you will not even come out in the streets and let them be known, most of us have been locked and loaded since your last little march. People of America, I don’t know about you, but I’m tired.

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