Let Freedom Ring

By: Carolyn Hileman

There has been a misconception as to who it was that killed the Senate immigration bill and we the people would like to clear that up for you. It was the people of the United States of America and we are proud to have given new meaning to word united. The people spoke loud and clear in the last election and somehow it became that we were trying to end the war. It was about illegal immigration then, it is about illegal immigration now and the people have spoken. We will be speaking even louder in 2008 and those of you who wish to keep your job had better start listening to the people of America for a change.

The people of this country broke with party ranks and declared war on anyone who would allow amnesty to the favored illegal immigrants. They overcame the media who portrayed them as white supremacist, racist and nativists, and in the process learned just how useless the American media really is. And let me tell you the Blacks, the Latinos, the Chinese, the Japanese and the Filipino American citizens are offended that you would call them white supremacist; that you would stoop so low as to brand your fellow countrymen and women a racist simply because we wanted our border secure. You cannot possibly understand the searing rage that was permeating towards those leaders who steadfastly refused to listen to the people and the since of loyalty that was built for those who stood up and spoke for the American people.

We are the American people and we have come to take our county back. No longer will we sit silent as our government tells us that if we allow American religion in the classroom we will have to allow other religions in as well when the government already has allowed them and managed to push the religions of the American people out the door. Out a door I might add that is paid for by the American citizens. No longer will we allow our government to discuss censoring its people by a hate speech act aimed once again at Americans and their religion. No more will we allow the government to enact what they call fairness doctrines on radio and TV, when we saw no fairness towards us when we were fighting this battle to kill this bill. Where was our equal time? when has the media ever been fair to the American people? No longer will we allow people to run down our soldiers in the field simply because they do not like this war.

We are deeply offended by people such as Kennedy calling ICE the Gestapo, Durbin comparing our troops to Nazi’s and Kerry calling them all stupid. This stops now. These men and woman are doing a job no Senator is willing to do. So I think they at least deserve the respect they give the illegal immigrants. We want our border agents freed and we want that right now, not when you finally sneak the illegal immigrant dream act by us. The American people have spoken and it is high time you listened. We united from every corner of this nation to call upon you not to pass that bill; so many people, so many calls that we shut down your phone lines and every single one of us is ready to do it again. We have made phone calls. We have sent emails. And we will do it again on any issue that we consider dangerous to our country.

We may not have marched to your office but you can no longer pretend you are not hearing us. You can no longer go on your merry way and pass legislation aimed at harming the American people and it go unnoticed. You will not take away our free speech; you will either recognize our freedom of religion or stop pushing the Muslim faith in our classrooms. Yes it was us, the simple people who stood up and stopped the senate, it was not a bunch of groups, wealthy organizations, talk radio or the blogs that that sent that bill to the floor with a sound like thunder, it was the people. You do not have to give the power to the people; we came and took it, so LET FREEDOM RING!!!!

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