Major media, hogwash with a side of jealousy

By: Carolyn Hileman

Washington Post calls it A Mob-Rule Moment. Others have called us angry virulent and mean. I still call myself American since that seems to encompass whatever they wish to call me. The only problem is when hundreds of thousand of immigrants, most of them illegal hence the masks, took to the streets to demand their rights, not a single one of these esteemed media outlets called them a mob. They were called activists, freedom fighters, civil rights leaders; we of course since we are American are a mob.

Now I know it really shouldn’t bother me I mean really our own leaders called us racists and nativists so this should really be of no surprise. You see being a good American all we are supposed to do is pay our taxes and leave the rest to those people who have lost touch with anything the American people want. We are not supposed to question them, just have that extra money taken out of our checks just because according to them it is good for our country, hogwash.

This was supposed to be a done deal, we were supposed to not know anything about this bill, just know that it was being done for our own good. After all who wouldn’t agree to sending a few more dollars to our government if it meant those people would stop marching and they would build another seven miles onto that fence this year. Why if we did that we would have a total of 14 miles built this year and that would really stop them from coming in, thank God the people didn’t fall for that hogwash.

You know all those people calling for this fairness doctrine, I think they need to hear from us because we have not been treated fairly by our so –called American media since this started. I personally think we need to tell them where they can stick that thing, because by the time they are through with it we the American people will have no voice what so ever. Do you know why they came up with that little thing? Well it was because we stopped listening to their propaganda, we were listening to talk radio and reading blogs and forums and they could not control that flow of information, hence the mob rule on immigration.

If their form of fairness is ever implemented, we will only have access to their propaganda and that my friends is exactly what they want. They want to control the media, the talk radio shows, the blogs and the forums and by doing that they will in fact control us. This is something that effects us all, it does not matter if you own a blog, it does not matter if you have a talk show on the radio, it effects you and I because if they manage to shut that down, all you will be left with is what they want you to see and hear and the last I checked we did not live in Iraq.

Yes, we mobbed the senate, yes, we shut down their phone lines, yes, we made our voices heard in Washington and yes, this fairness doctrine is aimed at stopping us from ever doing that again. They do not want the peoples input, just the peoples tax dollars. Basically, they would like us to shut up and go away, just send that money. I really don’t see that happening again, I do not see the people of this country ever sitting idly by waiting for the next tax increase to come having no idea where that money is going, not any more, not once we have made our voices heard..

We will not stand for all propaganda media, this is America and we should be allowed to listen to or read what ever we wish. I know you are tired from the two amnesty bills in one month, but we need to call and email them again and we need to tell them no to the so-called fairness doctrine. And when you get through with them you might want to call the media and tell them we want to be portrayed as American people who took up the banner of freedom or we will stop watching them, of course if you are like me you stopped watching major media news a long time ago and you don’t bother with the whitewash papers either but they don’t need to know that. Just remember all they wanted before was a fair immigration policy, that was fair to everyone but us and major media is nothing more than hogwash with a side of jealousy.

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